Archived Competition Results

Division TWO CUP

Team Match Scores

Home Team   Score   Away Team   
Division TWO CUP   
Llew Coch Dinas   0-0   White Lion B      

Team Match Fixtures

Date/Time   Home Team   Away Team   Venue   Tables   
Division TWO CUP   23-11-2023   
Foz A   20:00   Dwynant   Foresters      
20:00   Llew Coch Dinas   White Lion B   Llew Coch Dinas   8   

Team Match Results

Date/Time   Home Team   Score   Away Team   
Division TWO CUP   09-03-2024   
Wynnstay Llanbrynmair   11:00   7-8   Dwynant      
Division TWO CUP   08-02-2024   
The Red   20:00   4-8   Dwynant      
20:00   Wynnstay Llanbrynmair   8-7   Llew Coch Dinas      
Division TWO CUP   23-11-2023   
R. C. Dreigiau   20:00   3-8   The Red      
20:00   Wynnstay Llanbrynmair   9-5   Busty Bowlers      

Team Match League Tables

Team   Played   Won   Lost   For   Against   Diff   Points