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Away Team


01-11-202120:30BaillieL&D Social Club BBaillie
01-11-202120:30Black Horse ALuton Old Boys ABlack Horse
01-11-202120:30Co-Op Club BThe Great Sizzler FlyersCo-Op Club
01-11-202120:30DSC SaintsHigh Town ClubDunstable Snooker Club
01-11-202120:30Gardeners CallGeorge II BGardeners Call
01-11-202120:30George II ABiscott MillGeorge
01-11-202120:30Bird & BushWheelwrights AJolly Milliner
01-11-202120:30L&D Social Club AMoater BoaterL and D
01-11-202120:30The SizzlersST Vincents ShotzLeicester Arms
01-11-202120:30Luton Old Boys BDSC Turbo'sLuton Old Boys
01-11-202120:30Slip End Social ClubThe Crown JewelsSlip End Social Club
01-11-202120:30St JohnsBlack Horse BSt Johns Social Club
01-11-202120:30SWMC BStopsley RPSStopsley Working Mens Club 1
01-11-202120:30Stopsley HHHansom CabStopsley Working Mens Club 2
01-11-202120:30PaintersCeltic ClubThe Painters Arms
01-11-202120:30The PheasantRed LionThe Pheasant
01-11-202120:30Luton LionsThe WellThe Red Lion
01-11-202120:30Wheelwrights BPhoenixWheelwrights
01-11-202120:30Wigmore MeadersCaddington Social ClubWigmore Arms
08-11-202120:30Biscott MillWheelwrights BBiscott Mill
08-11-202120:30Black Horse BLuton Old Boys BBlack Horse
08-11-202120:30Caddington Social ClubLuton LionsCaddington Social Club
08-11-202120:30Celtic ClubSWMC BCeltic Club
08-11-202120:30Co-Op Young GunzThe SizzlersCo-Op Club
08-11-202120:30The Crown JewelsGardeners CallCrown Houghton Regis
08-11-202120:30DSC Turbo'sSlip End Social ClubDunstable Snooker Club
08-11-202120:30George II BWigmore MeadersGeorge
08-11-202120:30Hansom CabBaillieHansom Cab
08-11-202120:30High Town ClubCo-Op Club BHigh town Club
08-11-202120:30Moater BoaterBlack Horse AJolly Milliner
08-11-202120:30L&D Social Club BBird & BushL and D
08-11-202120:30Luton Old Boys AStopsley HHLuton Old Boys
08-11-202120:30Red LionSt JohnsRed Lion
08-11-202120:30ST Vincents ShotzPaintersSt Vincents
08-11-202120:30Stopsley RPSCrown AStopsley Working Mens Club 1
08-11-202120:30PhoenixL&D Social Club AThe Phoenix
08-11-202120:30The WellThe PheasantThe Well
08-11-202120:30Wheelwrights AGeorge II AWheelwrights
15-11-202120:30Black Horse APhoenixBlack Horse
15-11-202120:30Crown ACeltic ClubCrown Houghton Regis
15-11-202120:30DSC SaintsStopsley RPSDunstable Snooker Club
15-11-202120:30Gardeners CallDSC Turbo'sGardeners Call
15-11-202120:30George II AL&D Social Club BGeorge
15-11-202120:30Bird & BushHansom CabJolly Milliner
15-11-202120:30L&D Social Club ABiscott MillL and D
15-11-202120:30The Great Sizzler FlyersHigh Town ClubLeicester Arms
15-11-202120:30Luton Old Boys AMoater BoaterLuton Old Boys
15-11-202120:30Red LionThe WellRed Lion
15-11-202120:30Slip End Social ClubBlack Horse BSlip End Social Club
15-11-202120:30St JohnsLuton Old Boys BSt Johns Social Club
15-11-202120:30SWMC BST Vincents ShotzStopsley Working Mens Club 1
15-11-202120:30Stopsley HHBaillieStopsley Working Mens Club 2
15-11-202120:30PaintersCo-Op Young GunzThe Painters Arms
15-11-202120:30The PheasantCaddington Social ClubThe Pheasant
15-11-202120:30Luton LionsGeorge II BThe Red Lion
15-11-202120:30Wheelwrights BWheelwrights AWheelwrights
15-11-202120:30Wigmore MeadersThe Crown JewelsWigmore Arms
22-11-202120:30BaillieBird & BushBaillie
22-11-202120:30Biscott MillBlack Horse ABiscott Mill
22-11-202120:30Black Horse BGardeners CallBlack Horse
22-11-202120:30Caddington Social ClubRed LionCaddington Social Club
22-11-202120:30Celtic ClubDSC SaintsCeltic Club
22-11-202120:30Co-Op Young GunzSWMC BCo-Op Club
22-11-202120:30The Crown JewelsLuton LionsCrown Houghton Regis
22-11-202120:30DSC Turbo'sWigmore MeadersDunstable Snooker Club
22-11-202120:30George II BThe PheasantGeorge
22-11-202120:30Hansom CabGeorge II AHansom Cab
22-11-202120:30Moater BoaterStopsley HHJolly Milliner
22-11-202120:30L&D Social Club BWheelwrights BL and D
22-11-202120:30The SizzlersPaintersLeicester Arms
22-11-202120:30Luton Old Boys BSlip End Social ClubLuton Old Boys
22-11-202120:30ST Vincents ShotzCrown ASt Vincents
22-11-202120:30Stopsley RPSCo-Op Club BStopsley Working Mens Club 1
22-11-202120:30PhoenixLuton Old Boys AThe Phoenix
22-11-202120:30The WellSt JohnsThe Well
22-11-202120:30Wheelwrights AL&D Social Club AWheelwrights
31-01-202220:30Black Horse AWheelwrights ABlack Horse
31-01-202220:30Co-Op Club BCeltic ClubCo-Op Club
31-01-202220:30Crown ACo-Op Young GunzCrown Houghton Regis
31-01-202220:30DSC SaintsST Vincents ShotzDunstable Snooker Club
31-01-202220:30Gardeners CallLuton Old Boys BGardeners Call
31-01-202220:30George II ABaillieGeorge
31-01-202220:30Moater BoaterPhoenixJolly Milliner
31-01-202220:30L&D Social Club AL&D Social Club BL and D
31-01-202220:30The Great Sizzler FlyersStopsley RPSLeicester Arms
31-01-202220:30Luton Old Boys ABiscott MillLuton Old Boys
31-01-202220:30Red LionGeorge II BRed Lion
31-01-202220:30St JohnsSlip End Social ClubSt Johns Social Club
31-01-202220:30SWMC BThe SizzlersStopsley Working Mens Club 1
31-01-202220:30Stopsley HHBird & BushStopsley Working Mens Club 2
31-01-202220:30The PheasantThe Crown JewelsThe Pheasant
31-01-202220:30Luton LionsDSC Turbo'sThe Red Lion
31-01-202220:30The WellCaddington Social ClubThe Well
31-01-202220:30Wheelwrights BHansom CabWheelwrights
31-01-202220:30Wigmore MeadersBlack Horse BWigmore Arms
07-02-202220:30BaillieWheelwrights BBaillie
07-02-202220:30Biscott MillMoater BoaterBiscott Mill
07-02-202220:30Black Horse BLuton LionsBlack Horse
07-02-202220:30Caddington Social ClubSt JohnsCaddington Social Club
07-02-202220:30Celtic ClubThe Great Sizzler FlyersCeltic Club
07-02-202220:30Co-Op Young GunzDSC SaintsCo-Op Club
07-02-202220:30The Crown JewelsRed LionCrown Houghton Regis
07-02-202220:30DSC Turbo'sThe PheasantDunstable Snooker Club
07-02-202220:30George II BThe WellGeorge
07-02-202220:30Hansom CabL&D Social Club AHansom Cab
07-02-202220:30Bird & BushGeorge II AJolly Milliner
07-02-202220:30L&D Social Club BBlack Horse AL and D
07-02-202220:30The SizzlersCrown ALeicester Arms
07-02-202220:30Luton Old Boys BWigmore MeadersLuton Old Boys
07-02-202220:30Slip End Social ClubGardeners CallSlip End Social Club
07-02-202220:30ST Vincents ShotzCo-Op Club BSt Vincents
07-02-202220:30Stopsley RPSHigh Town ClubStopsley Working Mens Club 1
07-02-202220:30PaintersSWMC BThe Painters Arms
07-02-202220:30PhoenixStopsley HHThe Phoenix
07-02-202220:30Wheelwrights ALuton Old Boys AWheelwrights
14-02-202220:30BaillieL&D Social Club ABaillie
14-02-202220:30Biscott MillPhoenixBiscott Mill
14-02-202220:30Black Horse BThe PheasantBlack Horse
14-02-202220:30Celtic ClubHigh Town ClubCeltic Club
14-02-202220:30Co-Op Young GunzCo-Op Club BCo-Op Club
14-02-202220:30The Crown JewelsThe WellCrown Houghton Regis
14-02-202220:30DSC Turbo'sRed LionDunstable Snooker Club
14-02-202220:30George II BCaddington Social ClubGeorge
14-02-202220:30Hansom CabBlack Horse AHansom Cab
14-02-202220:30Bird & BushWheelwrights BJolly Milliner
14-02-202220:30L&D Social Club BLuton Old Boys AL and D
14-02-202220:30The SizzlersDSC SaintsLeicester Arms
14-02-202220:30Luton Old Boys BLuton LionsLuton Old Boys
14-02-202220:30Slip End Social ClubWigmore MeadersSlip End Social Club
14-02-202220:30St JohnsGardeners CallSt Johns Social Club
14-02-202220:30ST Vincents ShotzThe Great Sizzler FlyersSt Vincents
14-02-202220:30Stopsley HHGeorge II AStopsley Working Mens Club 2
14-02-202220:30PaintersCrown AThe Painters Arms
14-02-202220:30Wheelwrights AMoater BoaterWheelwrights
28-02-202220:30Biscott MillStopsley HHBiscott Mill
28-02-202220:30Black Horse ABaillieBlack Horse
28-02-202220:30Caddington Social ClubThe Crown JewelsCaddington Social Club
28-02-202220:30Co-Op Club BThe SizzlersCo-Op Club
28-02-202220:30Crown ASWMC BCrown Houghton Regis
28-02-202220:30DSC SaintsPaintersDunstable Snooker Club
28-02-202220:30George II BSt JohnsGeorge
28-02-202220:30High Town ClubST Vincents ShotzHigh town Club
28-02-202220:30Moater BoaterL&D Social Club BJolly Milliner
28-02-202220:30L&D Social Club ABird & BushL and D
28-02-202220:30The Great Sizzler FlyersCo-Op Young GunzLeicester Arms
28-02-202220:30Luton Old Boys AHansom CabLuton Old Boys
28-02-202220:30Red LionBlack Horse BRed Lion
28-02-202220:30The PheasantLuton Old Boys BThe Pheasant
28-02-202220:30PhoenixWheelwrights AThe Phoenix
28-02-202220:30Luton LionsSlip End Social ClubThe Red Lion
28-02-202220:30The WellDSC Turbo'sThe Well
28-02-202220:30Wheelwrights BGeorge II AWheelwrights
28-02-202220:30Wigmore MeadersGardeners CallWigmore Arms
07-03-202220:30BaillieLuton Old Boys ABaillie
07-03-202220:30Black Horse BThe WellBlack Horse
07-03-202220:30Celtic ClubStopsley RPSCeltic Club
07-03-202220:30Co-Op Young GunzHigh Town ClubCo-Op Club
07-03-202220:30The Crown JewelsGeorge II BCrown Houghton Regis
07-03-202220:30DSC Turbo'sCaddington Social ClubDunstable Snooker Club
07-03-202220:30Gardeners CallLuton LionsGardeners Call
07-03-202220:30George II AL&D Social Club AGeorge
07-03-202220:30Hansom CabMoater BoaterHansom Cab
07-03-202220:30Bird & BushBlack Horse AJolly Milliner
07-03-202220:30L&D Social Club BPhoenixL and D
07-03-202220:30The SizzlersThe Great Sizzler FlyersLeicester Arms
07-03-202220:30Luton Old Boys BRed LionLuton Old Boys
07-03-202220:30Slip End Social ClubThe PheasantSlip End Social Club
07-03-202220:30St JohnsWigmore MeadersSt Johns Social Club
07-03-202220:30SWMC BDSC SaintsStopsley Working Mens Club 1
07-03-202220:30Stopsley HHWheelwrights BStopsley Working Mens Club 2
07-03-202220:30PaintersCo-Op Club BThe Painters Arms
07-03-202220:30Wheelwrights ABiscott MillWheelwrights
14-03-202220:30Biscott MillL&D Social Club BBiscott Mill
14-03-202220:30Black Horse AGeorge II ABlack Horse
14-03-202220:30Caddington Social ClubBlack Horse BCaddington Social Club
14-03-202220:30Co-Op Club BSWMC BCo-Op Club
14-03-202220:30The Crown JewelsSt JohnsCrown Houghton Regis
14-03-202220:30DSC SaintsCrown ADunstable Snooker Club
14-03-202220:30George II BDSC Turbo'sGeorge
14-03-202220:30High Town ClubThe SizzlersHigh town Club
14-03-202220:30Moater BoaterBaillieJolly Milliner
14-03-202220:30L&D Social Club AWheelwrights BL and D
14-03-202220:30The Great Sizzler FlyersPaintersLeicester Arms
14-03-202220:30Luton Old Boys ABird & BushLuton Old Boys
14-03-202220:30Red LionSlip End Social ClubRed Lion
14-03-202220:30Stopsley RPSST Vincents ShotzStopsley Working Mens Club 1
14-03-202220:30The PheasantGardeners CallThe Pheasant
14-03-202220:30PhoenixHansom CabThe Phoenix
14-03-202220:30Luton LionsWigmore MeadersThe Red Lion
14-03-202220:30The WellLuton Old Boys BThe Well
14-03-202220:30Wheelwrights AStopsley HHWheelwrights
28-03-202220:30Black Horse BGeorge II BBlack Horse
28-03-202220:30Co-Op Young GunzStopsley RPSCo-Op Club
28-03-202220:30Crown ACo-Op Club BCrown Houghton Regis
28-03-202220:30DSC Turbo'sThe Crown JewelsDunstable Snooker Club
28-03-202220:30Gardeners CallRed LionGardeners Call
28-03-202220:30George II ALuton Old Boys AGeorge
28-03-202220:30Hansom CabBiscott MillHansom Cab
28-03-202220:30Bird & BushMoater BoaterJolly Milliner
28-03-202220:30L&D Social Club BWheelwrights AL and D
28-03-202220:30Luton Old Boys BCaddington Social ClubLuton Old Boys
28-03-202220:30Slip End Social ClubThe WellSlip End Social Club
28-03-202220:30St JohnsLuton LionsSt Johns Social Club
28-03-202220:30ST Vincents ShotzCeltic ClubSt Vincents
28-03-202220:30SWMC BThe Great Sizzler FlyersStopsley Working Mens Club 1
28-03-202220:30Stopsley HHL&D Social Club AStopsley Working Mens Club 2
28-03-202220:30PaintersHigh Town ClubThe Painters Arms
28-03-202220:30Wheelwrights BBlack Horse AWheelwrights
28-03-202220:30Wigmore MeadersThe PheasantWigmore Arms
04-04-202220:30Biscott MillBaillieBiscott Mill
04-04-202220:30Black Horse AL&D Social Club ABlack Horse
04-04-202220:30Caddington Social ClubSlip End Social ClubCaddington Social Club
04-04-202220:30Celtic ClubCo-Op Young GunzCeltic Club
04-04-202220:30Co-Op Club BDSC SaintsCo-Op Club
04-04-202220:30The Crown JewelsBlack Horse BCrown Houghton Regis
04-04-202220:30DSC Turbo'sSt JohnsDunstable Snooker Club
04-04-202220:30George II BLuton Old Boys BGeorge
04-04-202220:30High Town ClubSWMC BHigh town Club
04-04-202220:30Moater BoaterGeorge II AJolly Milliner
04-04-202220:30L&D Social Club BStopsley HHL and D
04-04-202220:30The Great Sizzler FlyersCrown ALeicester Arms
04-04-202220:30Luton Old Boys AWheelwrights BLuton Old Boys
04-04-202220:30Red LionWigmore MeadersRed Lion
04-04-202220:30Stopsley RPSThe SizzlersStopsley Working Mens Club 1
04-04-202220:30The PheasantLuton LionsThe Pheasant
04-04-202220:30PhoenixBird & BushThe Phoenix
04-04-202220:30The WellGardeners CallThe Well
04-04-202220:30Wheelwrights AHansom CabWheelwrights
25-04-202220:30BaillieWheelwrights ABaillie
25-04-202220:30Black Horse BDSC Turbo'sBlack Horse
25-04-202220:30Co-Op Young GunzST Vincents ShotzCo-Op Club
25-04-202220:30Crown AHigh Town ClubCrown Houghton Regis
25-04-202220:30DSC SaintsThe Great Sizzler FlyersDunstable Snooker Club
25-04-202220:30Gardeners CallCaddington Social ClubGardeners Call
25-04-202220:30George II APhoenixGeorge
25-04-202220:30Hansom CabL&D Social Club BHansom Cab
25-04-202220:30Bird & BushBiscott MillJolly Milliner
25-04-202220:30L&D Social Club ALuton Old Boys AL and D
25-04-202220:30The SizzlersCeltic ClubLeicester Arms
25-04-202220:30Luton Old Boys BThe Crown JewelsLuton Old Boys
25-04-202220:30Slip End Social ClubGeorge II BSlip End Social Club
25-04-202220:30St JohnsThe PheasantSt Johns Social Club
25-04-202220:30Stopsley HHBlack Horse AStopsley Working Mens Club 2
25-04-202220:30PaintersStopsley RPSThe Painters Arms
25-04-202220:30Luton LionsRed LionThe Red Lion
25-04-202220:30Wheelwrights BMoater BoaterWheelwrights
25-04-202220:30Wigmore MeadersThe WellWigmore Arms
09-05-202220:30Biscott MillGeorge II ABiscott Mill
09-05-202220:30Black Horse BSt JohnsBlack Horse
09-05-202220:30Caddington Social ClubWigmore MeadersCaddington Social Club
09-05-202220:30Celtic ClubPaintersCeltic Club
09-05-202220:30The Crown JewelsSlip End Social ClubCrown Houghton Regis
09-05-202220:30DSC Turbo'sLuton Old Boys BDunstable Snooker Club
09-05-202220:30George II BGardeners CallGeorge
09-05-202220:30Hansom CabStopsley HHHansom Cab
09-05-202220:30High Town ClubDSC SaintsHigh town Club
09-05-202220:30Moater BoaterL&D Social Club AJolly Milliner
09-05-202220:30L&D Social Club BBaillieL and D
09-05-202220:30The Great Sizzler FlyersCo-Op Club BLeicester Arms
09-05-202220:30Luton Old Boys ABlack Horse ALuton Old Boys
09-05-202220:30Red LionThe PheasantRed Lion
09-05-202220:30ST Vincents ShotzThe SizzlersSt Vincents
09-05-202220:30Stopsley RPSSWMC BStopsley Working Mens Club 1
09-05-202220:30PhoenixWheelwrights BThe Phoenix
09-05-202220:30The WellLuton LionsThe Well
09-05-202220:30Wheelwrights ABird & BushWheelwrights
16-05-202220:30BaillieHansom CabBaillie
16-05-202220:30Black Horse AMoater BoaterBlack Horse
16-05-202220:30Co-Op Club BHigh Town ClubCo-Op Club
16-05-202220:30Crown AStopsley RPSCrown Houghton Regis
16-05-202220:30Gardeners CallThe Crown JewelsGardeners Call
16-05-202220:30George II AWheelwrights AGeorge
16-05-202220:30Bird & BushL&D Social Club BJolly Milliner
16-05-202220:30L&D Social Club APhoenixL and D
16-05-202220:30The SizzlersCo-Op Young GunzLeicester Arms
16-05-202220:30Luton Old Boys BBlack Horse BLuton Old Boys
16-05-202220:30Slip End Social ClubDSC Turbo'sSlip End Social Club
16-05-202220:30St JohnsRed LionSt Johns Social Club
16-05-202220:30SWMC BCeltic ClubStopsley Working Mens Club 1
16-05-202220:30Stopsley HHLuton Old Boys AStopsley Working Mens Club 2
16-05-202220:30PaintersST Vincents ShotzThe Painters Arms
16-05-202220:30The PheasantThe WellThe Pheasant
16-05-202220:30Luton LionsCaddington Social ClubThe Red Lion
16-05-202220:30Wheelwrights BBiscott MillWheelwrights
16-05-202220:30Wigmore MeadersGeorge II BWigmore Arms
23-05-202220:30BaillieStopsley HHBaillie
23-05-202220:30Biscott MillL&D Social Club ABiscott Mill
23-05-202220:30Black Horse BSlip End Social ClubBlack Horse
23-05-202220:30Caddington Social ClubThe PheasantCaddington Social Club
23-05-202220:30Celtic ClubCrown ACeltic Club
23-05-202220:30Co-Op Young GunzPaintersCo-Op Club
23-05-202220:30The Crown JewelsWigmore MeadersCrown Houghton Regis
23-05-202220:30DSC Turbo'sGardeners CallDunstable Snooker Club
23-05-202220:30George II BLuton LionsGeorge
23-05-202220:30Hansom CabBird & BushHansom Cab
23-05-202220:30High Town ClubThe Great Sizzler FlyersHigh town Club
23-05-202220:30Moater BoaterLuton Old Boys AJolly Milliner
23-05-202220:30L&D Social Club BGeorge II AL and D
23-05-202220:30Luton Old Boys BSt JohnsLuton Old Boys
23-05-202220:30ST Vincents ShotzSWMC BSt Vincents
23-05-202220:30Stopsley RPSDSC SaintsStopsley Working Mens Club 1
23-05-202220:30PhoenixBlack Horse AThe Phoenix
23-05-202220:30The WellRed LionThe Well
23-05-202220:30Wheelwrights AWheelwrights BWheelwrights
30-05-202220:30Black Horse ABiscott MillBlack Horse
30-05-202220:30Co-Op Club BStopsley RPSCo-Op Club
30-05-202220:30Crown AST Vincents ShotzCrown Houghton Regis
30-05-202220:30DSC SaintsCeltic ClubDunstable Snooker Club
30-05-202220:30Gardeners CallBlack Horse BGardeners Call
30-05-202220:30George II AHansom CabGeorge
30-05-202220:30Bird & BushBaillieJolly Milliner
30-05-202220:30L&D Social Club AWheelwrights AL and D
30-05-202220:30Luton Old Boys APhoenixLuton Old Boys
30-05-202220:30Red LionCaddington Social ClubRed Lion
30-05-202220:30Slip End Social ClubLuton Old Boys BSlip End Social Club
30-05-202220:30St JohnsThe WellSt Johns Social Club
30-05-202220:30SWMC BCo-Op Young GunzStopsley Working Mens Club 1
30-05-202220:30Stopsley HHMoater BoaterStopsley Working Mens Club 2
30-05-202220:30PaintersThe SizzlersThe Painters Arms
30-05-202220:30The PheasantGeorge II BThe Pheasant
30-05-202220:30Luton LionsThe Crown JewelsThe Red Lion
30-05-202220:30Wheelwrights BL&D Social Club BWheelwrights
30-05-202220:30Wigmore MeadersDSC Turbo'sWigmore Arms
06-06-202220:30BaillieGeorge II ABaillie
06-06-202220:30Biscott MillLuton Old Boys ABiscott Mill
06-06-202220:30Black Horse BWigmore MeadersBlack Horse
06-06-202220:30Caddington Social ClubThe WellCaddington Social Club
06-06-202220:30Celtic ClubCo-Op Club BCeltic Club
06-06-202220:30Co-Op Young GunzCrown ACo-Op Club
06-06-202220:30The Crown JewelsThe PheasantCrown Houghton Regis
06-06-202220:30DSC Turbo'sLuton LionsDunstable Snooker Club
06-06-202220:30George II BRed LionGeorge
06-06-202220:30Hansom CabWheelwrights BHansom Cab
06-06-202220:30Bird & BushStopsley HHJolly Milliner
06-06-202220:30L&D Social Club BL&D Social Club AL and D
06-06-202220:30The SizzlersSWMC BLeicester Arms
06-06-202220:30Luton Old Boys BGardeners CallLuton Old Boys
06-06-202220:30Slip End Social ClubSt JohnsSlip End Social Club
06-06-202220:30ST Vincents ShotzDSC SaintsSt Vincents
06-06-202220:30Stopsley RPSThe Great Sizzler FlyersStopsley Working Mens Club 1
06-06-202220:30PhoenixMoater BoaterThe Phoenix
06-06-202220:30Wheelwrights ABlack Horse AWheelwrights
13-06-202220:30Black Horse AL&D Social Club BBlack Horse
13-06-202220:30Co-Op Club BST Vincents ShotzCo-Op Club
13-06-202220:30Crown AThe SizzlersCrown Houghton Regis
13-06-202220:30DSC SaintsCo-Op Young GunzDunstable Snooker Club
13-06-202220:30Gardeners CallSlip End Social ClubGardeners Call
13-06-202220:30George II ABird & BushGeorge
13-06-202220:30High Town ClubStopsley RPSHigh town Club
13-06-202220:30Moater BoaterBiscott MillJolly Milliner
13-06-202220:30L&D Social Club AHansom CabL and D
13-06-202220:30The Great Sizzler FlyersCeltic ClubLeicester Arms
13-06-202220:30Luton Old Boys AWheelwrights ALuton Old Boys
13-06-202220:30Red LionThe Crown JewelsRed Lion
13-06-202220:30St JohnsCaddington Social ClubSt Johns Social Club
13-06-202220:30SWMC BPaintersStopsley Working Mens Club 1
13-06-202220:30Stopsley HHPhoenixStopsley Working Mens Club 2
13-06-202220:30The PheasantDSC Turbo'sThe Pheasant
13-06-202220:30Luton LionsBlack Horse BThe Red Lion
13-06-202220:30The WellGeorge II BThe Well
13-06-202220:30Wheelwrights BBaillieWheelwrights
13-06-202220:30Wigmore MeadersLuton Old Boys BWigmore Arms