Last 16
1 Fairy A v PYB A (Fairy) 36()08:00Wed 20th Oct
2 Stag B v Llew Coch (Stag) 72()08:00Wed 20th Oct
3 Red Lion A v New Inn (Red Lion) 50()08:00Wed 20th Oct
4 The Club v PYB B (The Club) 18()08:00Tue 19th Oct
5 The Swan v -- Bye -- ()
6 Fairy B v -- Bye -- ()
7 Gwydyr v -- Bye -- ()
8 Stag A v -- Bye -- ()
1 Gwydyr v The Club (Gwydyr) 35()08:00Wed 1st Dec
2 New Inn v Fairy A (New Inn) 50()08:00Wed 1st Dec
3 Llew Coch v Stag A (Llew Coch) 51()08:00Wed 1st Dec
4 The Swan v Fairy B (The Swan) 52()08:00Wed 1st Dec
1 Gwydyr v Fairy A (Red Lion) 54()08:00Wed 2nd Feb
2 Stag A v Fairy B (PYB) 35()08:00Wed 2nd Feb
1 Fairy A v Stag A (PYB) 45(3)08:00Wed 16th Mar