Leam Login


LeagueAppLive has been updated with all Summer 2022 competitions and fixtures. Captains login will be the same as previous seasons, even if you have changed venue. Let me know if you need a reminder but don’t leave it until the last minute please.
Add any new players on the app, but if you are short of players and need to forfeit games, DO NOT add “NO PLAYER”. If you have no player just leave your player selection blank on the match card.
Reminder you can register players for free, on the night, but once a player has actually played for a team, they are tied to that team for the remainder of the season.
Singles and doubles draws will be done early June. Venues TBD.
Players are reminded they are representing a FAIR PLAY league and as such, matches must be conducted in a fair and reasonable manor. The league committee hopes disputes will be rare, but rest assured unsporting behaviour will not be tolerated.
Good luck to all players and teams.