League Results






04-10-202119:30Stag A7 - 2Llew Coch
04-10-202119:30PYB A2 - 7The Club
04-10-202119:30Fairy B4 - 5New Inn
04-10-202119:30The Swan3 - 6Fairy A
04-10-202119:30Red Lion A7 - 2PYB B
04-10-202119:30Gwydyr4 - 5Stag B
11-10-202119:30Llew Coch8 - 1Stag B
11-10-202119:30PYB B2 - 7Gwydyr
11-10-202119:30Fairy A2 - 7Red Lion A
11-10-202119:30New Inn5 - 4The Swan
11-10-202119:30The Club8 - 1Fairy B
11-10-202119:30Stag A7 - 2PYB A
18-10-202119:30PYB A3 - 6Llew Coch
18-10-202119:30Fairy B4 - 5Stag A
18-10-202119:30The Swan3 - 6The Club
18-10-202119:30Red Lion A6 - 3New Inn
18-10-202119:30Gwydyr4 - 5Fairy A
18-10-202119:30Stag B4 - 5PYB B
19-10-202108:00The Club8 - 1PYB B
20-10-202108:00Fairy A6 - 3PYB A
20-10-202108:00Red Lion A0 - 5New Inn
20-10-202108:00Stag B2 - 7Llew Coch
25-10-202119:30Llew Coch8 - 1PYB B
25-10-202119:30Fairy A9 - 0Stag B
25-10-202119:30New Inn6 - 3Gwydyr
25-10-202119:30The Club5 - 4Red Lion A
25-10-202119:30Stag A5 - 4The Swan
25-10-202119:30PYB A3 - 6Fairy B
01-11-202119:30Fairy B3 - 6Llew Coch
01-11-202119:30The Swan4 - 5PYB A
01-11-202119:30Red Lion A5 - 4Stag A
01-11-202119:30Gwydyr5 - 4The Club
01-11-202119:30Stag B0 - 9New Inn
01-11-202119:30PYB B3 - 6Fairy A
03-11-202108:00Fairy A4 - 5New Inn
03-11-202108:00Gwydyr6 - 0The Swan
03-11-202108:00The Club5 - 1Fairy B
03-11-202108:00PYB A4 - 5Stag A
08-11-202119:30Llew Coch4 - 5Fairy A
08-11-202119:30New Inn9 - 0PYB B
08-11-202119:30The Club7 - 2Stag B
08-11-202119:30Stag A7 - 2Gwydyr
08-11-202119:30PYB A1 - 8Red Lion A
08-11-202119:30Fairy B4 - 5The Swan
10-11-202112:00Jake Salter2 - 0Andy Carr
10-11-202112:00ANDREW Jones0 - 2Bimbo Roberts
10-11-202112:00Luke Brooksbank0 - 2Craig Jones
10-11-202112:00Andy Brooksbank0 - 2Chico Roberts
10-11-202112:00Declan Bailey1 - 2Dave Dew
10-11-202112:00Janyl Shirajuden2 - 1Pete Pierce
10-11-202112:00Spud Evans2 - 0Arwyn Jones
10-11-202112:00Johnnie Roberts0 - 2John ODonovan
10-11-202112:00Predyr Morris1 - 2Liam Jones
10-11-202112:00Danny Ellis1 - 2Sion Jones
10-11-202112:00Alan Omalley1 - 2Cammy Roberts
10-11-202112:00Rhys Williams1 - 2Caron Davies
10-11-202112:00John Roberts2 - 0Steve Shiels
10-11-202112:00Dan Davies0 - 2Crispian Jones
10-11-202112:00Mic Roberts2 - 0Gari Fon
10-11-202112:00Adrian Turner0 - 2Kris Perrin
11-11-202112:00Bimbo And Baldy0 - 2Pred And Arwyn
11-11-202112:00Chris Smith And Edwin Noble1 - 2Steph And Kelly
11-11-202112:00Peter And Iwan2 - 1Craig And Pete
11-11-202112:00Owen And George1 - 2Sion And Liam
11-11-202112:00Spud And Alan2 - 0Andrew And Jonnie
11-11-202112:00John And Matt0 - 2Iwan Griffiths And Mic Roberts
11-11-202112:00Crispian And Cammy2 - 0Bomp And Lee
11-11-202112:00Meilir Hywel0 - 2Bimbo Roberts
11-11-202112:00Iwan Jones0 - 2Dan Davies
11-11-202112:00Owen Booth0 - 2Steve Shiels
11-11-202112:00Mic Roberts2 - 0Tomos Wyn
11-11-202112:00Gruff Fon0 - 2Spud Evans
11-11-202112:00Iwan Griffiiths0 - 2John ODonovan
11-11-202112:00George Evans1 - 2ANDREW Jones
11-11-202112:00Bryn Jones0 - 2Sion Jones
11-11-202112:00Caron Davies2 - 1Lee Myers
15-11-202119:30The Swan2 - 7Llew Coch
15-11-202119:30Red Lion A8 - 1Fairy B
15-11-202119:30Gwydyr7 - 2PYB A
15-11-202119:30Stag B0 - 9Stag A
15-11-202119:30PYB B2 - 7The Club
15-11-202119:30Fairy A8 - 1New Inn
17-11-202108:00PYB B7 - 0The Swan
17-11-202108:00Fairy B2 - 4Stag B
17-11-202108:00Stag A6 - 1Gwydyr
17-11-202108:00Red Lion A4 - 3Llew Coch
22-11-202119:30Llew Coch2 - 7New Inn
22-11-202119:30The Club2 - 7Fairy A
22-11-202119:30Stag A7 - 2PYB B
22-11-202119:30PYB A5 - 4Stag B
22-11-202119:30Fairy B2 - 7Gwydyr
22-11-202119:30The Swan4 - 5Red Lion A
29-11-202119:30Red Lion A6 - 3Llew Coch
29-11-202119:30Gwydyr3 - 6The Swan
29-11-202119:30Stag B5 - 4Fairy B
29-11-202119:30PYB B7 - 2PYB A
29-11-202119:30Fairy A5 - 4Stag A
29-11-202119:30New Inn3 - 6The Club
30-11-202112:00Rhys And Dewi0 - 2Dave And Danni
30-11-202112:00Pred And Arwyn0 - 2Adrian And Chico
30-11-202112:00Jake And Declan2 - 0Steph And Kelly
30-11-202112:00Kris And Dave2 - 0Andrew And Cernyw
30-11-202112:00Janyl And Katie1 - 2Peter And Iwan
30-11-202112:00Crispian And Cammy2 - 0Sion And Liam
30-11-202112:00Iwan Griffiths And Mic Roberts2 - 0Marshall And Sinner
30-11-202112:00Spud And Alan2 - 0Andy And John
01-12-202108:00Gwydyr5 - 3The Club
01-12-202108:00New Inn0 - 5Fairy A
01-12-202108:00Llew Coch1 - 5Stag A
01-12-202108:00The Swan2 - 5Fairy B
06-12-202119:30The Club8 - 1Llew Coch
06-12-202119:30Stag A9 - 0New Inn
06-12-202119:30PYB A3 - 6Fairy A
06-12-202119:30Fairy B7 - 2PYB B
06-12-202119:30The Swan5 - 4Stag B
06-12-202119:30Red Lion A4 - 5Gwydyr
13-12-202119:30Gwydyr6 - 3Llew Coch
13-12-202119:30Stag B3 - 6Red Lion A
13-12-202119:30PYB B3 - 6The Swan
13-12-202119:30Fairy A7 - 2Fairy B
13-12-202119:30New Inn5 - 4PYB A
13-12-202119:30The Club3 - 6Stag A
15-12-202108:00Stag A6 - 3Gwydyr
15-12-202108:00Red Lion A5 - 1Llew Coch
15-12-202108:00The Club5 - 4PYB B
15-12-202108:00New Inn5 - 4Stag B
20-12-202119:30Llew Coch6 - 3Stag A
20-12-202119:30The Club7 - 2PYB A
20-12-202119:30New Inn6 - 2Fairy B
20-12-202119:30Fairy A7 - 2The Swan
20-12-202119:30PYB B1 - 8Red Lion A
20-12-202119:30Stag B2 - 7Gwydyr
31-01-202219:30Llew Coch6 - 3Fairy B
31-01-202219:30PYB A3 - 5The Swan
31-01-202219:30Stag A3 - 6Red Lion A
31-01-202219:30The Club6 - 3Gwydyr
31-01-202219:30New Inn6 - 3Stag B
31-01-202219:30Fairy A5 - 4PYB B
02-02-202208:00Gwydyr4 - 5Fairy A
02-02-202208:00Stag A5 - 3Fairy B
07-02-202212:00Iwan Griffiths And Mic Roberts2 - 1Spud And Alan
07-02-202212:00Liam Jones0 - 2Sion Jones
07-02-202212:00Dave Dew2 - 0Janyl Shirajuden
07-02-202212:00Craig Jones1 - 2Chico Roberts
07-02-202212:00John Roberts0 - 2Crispian Jones
07-02-202212:00Cammy Roberts0 - 2Caron Davies
07-02-202212:00Mic Roberts2 - 1Kris Perrin
07-02-202212:00Dave And Danni0 - 2Adrian And Chico
07-02-202212:00Jake And Declan1 - 2Kris And Dave
07-02-202212:00Jake Salter1 - 2Bimbo Roberts
07-02-202212:00Spud Evans2 - 0John ODonovan
07-02-202212:00Adrian And Chico0 - 2Kris And Dave
07-02-202212:00Peter And Iwan0 - 2Crispian And Cammy
07-02-202212:00Crispian And Cammy2 - 0Iwan Griffiths And Mic Roberts
07-02-202219:30Fairy A7 - 2Llew Coch
07-02-202219:30PYB B1 - 8New Inn
07-02-202219:30Stag B0 - 9The Club
07-02-202219:30Gwydyr2 - 7Stag A
07-02-202219:30Red Lion A4 - 5PYB A
07-02-202219:30The Swan9 - 0Fairy B
09-02-202219:30Stag B2 - 7Llew Coch
09-02-202219:30Gwydyr5 - 4PYB B
09-02-202219:30Red Lion A5 - 4Fairy A
09-02-202219:30The Swan9 - 0New Inn
09-02-202219:30Fairy B2 - 7The Club
14-02-202219:30Llew Coch7 - 2The Swan
14-02-202219:30Fairy B4 - 5Red Lion A
14-02-202219:30PYB A3 - 6Gwydyr
14-02-202219:30Stag A7 - 2Stag B
14-02-202219:30The Club7 - 2PYB B
14-02-202219:30New Inn3 - 6Fairy A
16-02-202208:00Stag A2 - 5Red Lion A
16-02-202208:00The Club1 - 5New Inn
21-02-202219:30New Inn4 - 5Llew Coch
21-02-202219:30Fairy A4 - 5The Club
21-02-202219:30PYB B2 - 7Stag A
21-02-202219:30Stag B5 - 4PYB A
21-02-202219:30Gwydyr6 - 3Fairy B
21-02-202219:30Red Lion A6 - 3The Swan
23-02-202219:30Llew Coch8 - 1PYB A
23-02-202219:30Stag A5 - 4Fairy B
23-02-202219:30The Club7 - 2The Swan
23-02-202219:30New Inn2 - 7Red Lion A
23-02-202219:30Fairy A6 - 3Gwydyr
23-02-202219:30PYB B7 - 2Stag B
28-02-202219:30Llew Coch2 - 7Red Lion A
28-02-202219:30The Swan4 - 5Gwydyr
28-02-202219:30Fairy B5 - 4Stag B
28-02-202219:30PYB A5 - 4PYB B
28-02-202219:30Stag A2 - 7Fairy A
28-02-202219:30The Club4 - 5New Inn
02-03-202208:00New Inn4 - 2Red Lion A
02-03-202208:00The Club2 - 4Stag A
02-03-202208:00Fairy A5 - 2PYB B
02-03-202208:00Stag B7 - 0PYB A
07-03-202219:30Llew Coch3 - 6The Club
07-03-202219:30New Inn4 - 5Stag A
07-03-202219:30Fairy A8 - 1PYB A
07-03-202219:30PYB B5 - 3Fairy B
07-03-202219:30Stag B5 - 4The Swan
07-03-202219:30Gwydyr7 - 2Red Lion A
09-03-202219:30PYB B3 - 6Llew Coch
09-03-202219:30Stag B2 - 7Fairy A
09-03-202219:30Gwydyr9 - 0New Inn
09-03-202219:30Red Lion A6 - 3The Club
09-03-202219:30The Swan4 - 5Stag A
09-03-202219:30Fairy B5 - 4PYB A
14-03-202219:30Gwydyr3 - 6Llew Coch
14-03-202219:30Red Lion A6 - 3Stag B
14-03-202219:30The Swan8 - 1PYB B
14-03-202219:30Fairy B1 - 8Fairy A
14-03-202219:30PYB A1 - 8New Inn
14-03-202219:30Stag A4 - 5The Club
15-03-202212:00Sion Jones2 - 0Caron Davies
15-03-202212:00Crispian Jones2 - 1Mic Roberts
15-03-202212:00Bimbo Roberts2 - 1Chico Roberts
15-03-202212:00Dave Dew1 - 2Spud Evans
16-03-202208:00Fairy A5 - 4Stag A
21-03-202208:00Red Lion A5 - 3New Inn
23-03-202212:00Fairy B4 - 3PYB A
23-03-202212:00PYB B3 - 4Stag B
30-03-202212:00Sion Jones0 - 2Crispian Jones
30-03-202212:00Bimbo Roberts2 - 0Spud Evans
30-03-202220:00Fairy A5 - 2Stag B
30-03-202220:00New Inn3 - 4Stag A
06-04-202212:00Kris And Dave3 - 2Crispian And Cammy