League Results






06-10-202320:30Eastbourne United All Stars6 - 3Railway Q
06-10-202320:30Eastbourne United B3 - 6Windsor Chiefs
06-10-202320:30Workers4 - 5PTFC
06-10-202320:30HMI5 - 4Flight Of The Railway
13-10-202320:30Railway Q6 - 3Eastbourne United B
13-10-202320:30Polegate Originals7 - 2Railway Virgins
13-10-202320:30HMI B4 - 5HMI
13-10-202320:30Flight Of The Railway6 - 3Workers
20-10-202320:30PTFC6 - 3Flight Of The Railway
20-10-202320:30Workers3 - 6HMI B
20-10-202320:30HMI3 - 6Windsor Roadrunners
20-10-202320:30Eastbourne United All Stars5 - 4Polegate Originals
20-10-202320:30Windsor Chiefs4 - 5Railway Q
10-11-202320:30Windsor Roadrunners7 - 2Workers
10-11-202320:30HMI B6 - 3PTFC
10-11-202320:30Polegate Originals5 - 4Eastbourne United B
10-11-202320:30Railway Virgins5 - 4Eastbourne United All Stars
17-11-202320:30Flight Of The Railway3 - 6HMI B
17-11-202320:30PTFC3 - 6Windsor Roadrunners
17-11-202320:30Eastbourne United B3 - 6Railway Virgins
17-11-202320:30Windsor Chiefs5 - 4Polegate Originals
24-11-202320:30HMI4 - 5Workers
24-11-202320:30Windsor Roadrunners7 - 2Flight Of The Railway
24-11-202320:30Polegate Originals6 - 3Railway Q
24-11-202320:30Railway Virgins6 - 3Windsor Chiefs
24-11-202320:30Eastbourne United All Stars5 - 4Eastbourne United B
01-12-202320:30HMI B6 - 3Windsor Roadrunners
01-12-202320:30PTFC4 - 5HMI
01-12-202320:30Windsor Chiefs5 - 4Eastbourne United All Stars
01-12-202320:30Railway Q5 - 4Railway Virgins
12-01-202420:30PTFC3 - 6Workers
12-01-202420:30Flight Of The Railway7 - 2HMI
12-01-202420:30Railway Q3 - 6Eastbourne United All Stars
12-01-202420:30Windsor Chiefs6 - 3Eastbourne United B
19-01-202420:30HMI6 - 3HMI B
19-01-202420:30Workers5 - 4Flight Of The Railway
19-01-202420:30Eastbourne United B3 - 6Railway Q
19-01-202420:30Railway Virgins3 - 6Polegate Originals
02-02-202420:30Polegate Originals6 - 3Eastbourne United All Stars
02-02-202420:30Railway Q4 - 5Windsor Chiefs
02-02-202420:30Windsor Roadrunners6 - 3HMI
02-02-202420:30HMI B7 - 2Workers
02-02-202420:30Flight Of The Railway6 - 3PTFC
09-02-202420:30Eastbourne United B3 - 6Polegate Originals
09-02-202420:30Eastbourne United All Stars7 - 2Railway Virgins
09-02-202420:30PTFC7 - 2HMI B
09-02-202420:30Workers2 - 7Windsor Roadrunners
23-02-202420:30Windsor Roadrunners6 - 3PTFC
23-02-202420:30HMI B4 - 5Flight Of The Railway
23-02-202420:30Railway Virgins5 - 4Eastbourne United B
23-02-202420:30Polegate Originals5 - 4Windsor Chiefs
01-03-202420:30Eastbourne United B5 - 4Eastbourne United All Stars
01-03-202420:30Windsor Chiefs7 - 2Railway Virgins
01-03-202420:30Railway Q5 - 4Polegate Originals
01-03-202420:30Flight Of The Railway5 - 4Windsor Roadrunners
01-03-202420:30Workers5 - 4HMI
08-03-202420:30Railway Virgins3 - 6Railway Q
08-03-202420:30Eastbourne United All Stars5 - 4Windsor Chiefs
08-03-202420:30HMI7 - 2PTFC
08-03-202420:30Windsor Roadrunners5 - 4HMI B
05-04-202420:30Railway Virgins1 - 8Polegate Originals
05-04-202420:30Windsor Chiefs2 - 7Flight Of The Railway
05-04-202420:30Railway Q6 - 3Eastbourne United B
05-04-202420:30Eastbourne United All Stars4 - 5Windsor Roadrunners
12-04-202420:30HMI1 - 5Workers
12-04-202420:30Windsor Roadrunners6 - 1Railway Q
12-04-202420:30Flight Of The Railway3 - 6Polegate Originals
12-04-202420:30PTFC1 - 8HMI B
19-04-202420:30Workers5 - 4HMI B
19-04-202420:30Polegate Originals4 - 5Windsor Roadrunners
26-04-202420:03Workers2 - 5Windsor Roadrunners