Eastbourne and District Pool League

Licenced until 1st October 2021     

League Rules

The Committee
Chairman - Carl Fitzsimon
Secretary - Darren Hollobone
Member - Jeff Roll
Member - Derek Simmons

1 The organisation will be known as the Eastbourne and District Pool League
1.1 The committee is responsible for the administration of the league. It will manage the league tables, the knockout draws, the leagues funds and all other aspects of running the league
1.2 The composition of the committee is the Chairman and up to 5 general committee members. The Chairman will oversee all committee meetings as well as the AGM and any EGMs. Any committee member may perform this role in the Chairmans absence.
1.3 The election of committee officers will only take place at either the AGM or an EGM.
1.4 The Committee reserve the right to refuse a person from becoming a member of the Eastbourne and District Pool League.
1.5 The committee is empowered to act on behalf of the league and has jurisdiction over all matters affecting the league.
1.6 Once a player has played the 4th league game of a new season for any team, he or she will not be permitted to move to another team without permission from the committee and only under special circumstances.
1.7 If a team leaves the league during the season all points and frames for all matches it was involved in are null and void both for the leaving team and its opponents.
1.8 All players must be at least 16 years old to play in the league.
1.9 Any teams or players engaging in violence during or immediately after a match may be expelled from the league.
1.10 A frame will be deducted every 5 mins that a player is late for any Singles or Doubles match.
1.11 Any player not turning up to any Singles or Doubles match without prior notification will be removed from the tournament and removed from the League if a consistant offender.
1.12 Any team not turning up to a match without at least 24 hours prior notification to the opposing captain AND opposing teams venue landlord or lady will be required to pay the opposing landlord or lady ₤20 to cover food costs and must play the match on the first available date.
1.13 All teams/players must give at least 24 hours ntice to rearrange any match, the opposing team/player must then give 3 dates they available to play the match (singles, doubles and cups must be played a least a week before the next round) if 24 hours is not given, the opposing team has the rite to claim the match. Any extreme circumstances will be decided by the Chairman.
1.14 Any league member including a member of the committee should report any problems to a committee member and a committee meeting will take place to hear their problem. He/she is allowed to represent his/her team although it is the captains responsibility to attend under normal circumstances. Scoring App
1.15 Any team unable to use the scoring app during any game must report this to the Chairman the next day to resolve any problems, any team refusing to use the scoring app could be removed from the competition/leagues.
2. Registration
2.1 Teams must register by the date published, this will be done by text to the current captains and on the EDPL Facebook page.
2.2 Registration fee will be ₤55 per team from the 2017/18 season to cover the cost of the new scoring app introduced in 2016 (₤5 per team)
2.3 Any team failing to register and pay by the published date could be removed for the whole season.
3. Teams & Players
3.1. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players and a minimum of 3 players before starting any team match.
3.2 Teams may register any number of players, but where a venue enters more than 1 team they will be regarded as individual teams and as such, interchange of players between the teams will not be allowed.
3.3 Players can be signed on, on the night. THIS DOES NOT APPLY IN CUP GAMES FROM QUARTER FINALS ONWARDS
3.4 Under normal circumstances players will not be able to transfer from one team to another. However, under exceptional circumstances this can be over-ruled by the committee with agreement from the league.
3.5 All players are expected to behave in a respectful manner during any EDPL match, general banter and chanting is part of our game so we do not want to take away any fun but all players and their spectators must be respectful to their opponents and the venues at all times.
Any complaints about abusive or disrespectful players will be handled swiftly by the committee and and my end up with the player/players/team/s being removed from the league. Teams and or players that do not turn up for their matches without at least 24 hours notice will be asked to reimburse the venue ₤20 for any food prepared for that match.
4. Cups
4.1 Cups are generally played on Tuesday nights although early rounds may be played on a Thursday night.
4.2 Teams do not have to enter the Cups.
4.3 All teams will automatically be entered into Cups unless they have emialed or text the Chairman asking to be left out.
4.4 Cup games are a race to 7 with the first 3 games being doubles (if a team only has 5 players the opposing team will choose their 6th player from the original 5) Any cup game that goes to 6-6 will be decided by a penalty shoot out.
4.5 A penalty shoot out is played by 5 players from each team taking 1 penalty each. The object ball must be placed on the black spot (any black/red or yellow) and the cue ball played from anywhere behind the baulk line. If the penalty score ends up equal the players will then continue (in the same order) with sudden death penalties with the object ball placed on the black spot and the cue ball placed on the centre spot of the baulk line (brown spot on a snooker table) this must be done by the oppostions captain.
4.6 The first 5 players in Cup games must be 5 different players, any player may play twice in the second 5 as long as he or she was present before the match started.
4.6a Individual Cup rules are available on their page.
4.7 Cups may be sponsored by any venue at the cost of ₤200 giving the sponsors the rite to hold both semi finals and the final of that Cup along with the semi finals and final of it's Plate comp.
4.8 Every player must Lag for the break in every frame (no tossing coins)
4.9 Captains must lag for the rite to decide who enters the first player as cup games are only 1 leg, from then after player listing alternates.
4.10 All players playing in Cup quarter finals onwards must have played a minimum of 25 percent of League matches (not frames) if an existing EDPL player, any new player must have played 50%.
4.11 Team captains must enter their players in to Singles and Doubles comps by the date published on the Singles/Doubles page
5. League
5.1 League matches are made up of 10 singles, 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
5.2 Any player can play twice in the the first or second 5 games (not permitted in cup games) maximum 2 frames per match.
5.3 Every player must Lag for the break in every frame (no tossing coins)
5.4 Home team inputs players first and informs the opposition captain who they are playing.
5.5 All League matches must be played by the date of the last league match, any matches still outstanding after that date will be voided and no points or stats awarded to either team or their players.
6. Fixtures/Tables/Stats
6.1 All teams must use the App introduced for the 2016/17 season
6.2 Captains will be issued a login from the chairman.
6.3 Venues
6.4 All venues must have a well kept pool table and equipment.
6.5 If the balls are old and dull you must have match balls available for any EDPL match
6.3 A rest and a bridge must be available for any EDPL match, any opposing player can claim his/her frame if unable to play a spacific shot that he/she decides needs this equipment.
6.4 Every effort must be made to clean and level your table/s for any EDPL match.
6.5 The EDPL Chairman can supply or put you in touch with a supplier of any equipment needed, including tables and reclothing.
6.6 The home venue is expected to provide food for all teams playing any League match (this does not apply to cups, singles, and doubless)
6.7 The home team is responsible for covering any table costs for the match.
6.8 All venue landlords/ladies agree to abide by the EDPL rules set out here.
7. Trophies
7.1 Cup winners may hold any main Cups won until the end of the following season at their venue only, cups are not to be taken home.
7.2 The Cup/s remain the property of the EDPL.
7.3 It is the responsibility of the venue's landlord/lady to replace any main EDPL cups that are lost, stolen or damaged, and must reimburse the EDPL for the full cost of the cup replacement and engraving before the end of the current season.

Black Ball Rules

Black ball is played with 15 colored object balls and the cue ball. The object balls are two groups of seven and the black ball. The player or team pocketing their group of object balls and legally pocketing the black ball wins the game. Shots are not called.
5.1 Definitions
In addition to definitions defined in 8. Definitions Used in the Rules, the following definitions apply to black ball: Free shot Baulk
Baulk is the rectangular area of the table that is bordered by the baulk line and the three cushions at the head of the table. The baulk line is parallel to the head rail and one fifth of the length of the playing surface away from the head cushion. For the applicable general rules, behind the head string should be read as in baulk.
A player is said to be snookered when the cue ball has no straight, direct path to hit at least part of a legal target ball. The snooker must be declared by the referee for it to be in effect. Ball On
An object ball is said to be on when it is a legal target for the shooter.

5.2 Equipment
The fifteen object balls include two groups of seven balls distinguished by two solid colours or by the usual pattern of numbered solids and stripes. (One through seven and nine through fifteen are the two groups.) In addition, there is a black ball or a black eight ball. The foot spot and the baulk line should be marked.

5.3 Determining First Break
The player winning the lag has the option to determine who has to execute the first break shot. (See 1.2 Lagging to Determine Order of Play ) The standard format is alternate break (see Regulations).

5.4 Black Ball Rack
The balls are racked as illustrated with the black ball on the foot spot.

5.5 Break Shot
The following rules apply to the break shot. (a) The cue ball begins in hand in baulk. (b) At least one ball must be pocketed or at least two object balls must cross the center string or the break shot is a foul. (c) If the black ball is pocketed on the break, all the balls are re-racked and the same player breaks again. Any violation of 6.1 Cue Ball Scratch or off the Table or6.5 Ball Driven off the Table is ignored on a break that pockets the black ball.

5.6 Open Table / Choosing Groups The table is said to be open when the players groups have not been decided. The table is open after the break shot and remains open until the shooter pockets balls from only one group on a legal normal shot, which means not a break shot and not a free shot. The shooter is then assigned that group of balls to pocket and the opponent is assigned the other group.

5.7 Continuing Play
The shooter remains at the table as long as he continues to legally pocket balls or the rack ends. If he fails to legally pocket a ball but commits no foul, the opponent shoots from the position left.

5.8 Cue Ball in Hand in Baulk
When the player has the cue ball in hand, he may place it by hand anywhere in baulk. The player may continue to adjust the position of the cue ball by hand until he takes a shot. The cue ball is not required to leave baulk before striking an object ball.

5.9 Touching Balls
If the cue ball is touching an object ball, the shooter must not play the cue ball in the direction of that ball. He is considered to have hit the touching ball when he shoots away from it if the ball is on for the shot.

5.10 Playing from a Snooker
When the shooter is snookered, Rule 6.3 No Rail after Contact is suspended for the shot.

5.11 Spotting Balls
Object balls driven off the table are spotted on the long string. If several balls are to be spotted, they are spotted in the following order: (1) the black ball, (2) balls from the group of the next shooter, or balls from the red, blue or solid group if the table is open, (3) other balls.

5.12 Stalemate
In case of a stalemate due to lack of progress towards a conclusion, the breaker of the rack will break again. A stalemate also occurs if the position does not allow any legal shot.

5.13 Standard Fouls
If the shooter commits a foul, play passes to his opponent. The incoming player has one free shot (see Free shot) as the first shot of his inning.

The following are standard fouls at black ball:
6.1 Cue Ball Scratch or off the Table 6.2 Wrong Ball First (suspended for a free shot) 6.3 No Rail after Contact 6.4 No Foot on Floor 6.5 Ball Driven off the Table 6.6 Touched Ball 6.7 Double Hit / Frozen Balls 6.8 Push Shot 6.9 Balls Still Moving 6.10 Bad Cue Ball Placement (when playing from baulk) 6.12 Cue Stick on the Table 6.13 Playing out of Turn 6.15 Slow Play 6.16 Ball Rack Template Foul

The following additional situations are fouls at black ball.

5.13.1 Pocketing Opponents Ball It is a foul to pocket an opponents ball without also pocketing a ball from your own group.
5.13 2 Table Incorrect It is a foul to play before all balls that require spotting have been spotted.
5.13.3 Jump Shot
Causing the cue ball to jump over any ball is a foul. (If the cue ball leaves the bed of the table and misses an object ball that would have been struck had the cue ball not left the table on an otherwise identical shot, the cue ball is deemed to have jumped over that object ball.)

5.14 Loss of Rack Fouls
The player loses the rack if he:
(a) pockets the black ball on an illegal shot; (b) pockets the black ball on a shot that leaves any of his group of balls on the table; (c) intentionally violates 6.2 Wrong Ball First; or (d) does not attempt to hit a ball on. 6.17 Unsportsmanlike Conduct will be penalized by loss of rack or other penalty depending on the nature of the conduct.