Jesters Singles Pool League

Licenced until 17th January 2024     

1. All league games are to be played first to 9, or an 8-8 draw.
2. Each fixture is to be played in the 2 week window, not before or after. Unless there is a good enough reason for the fixture to be postponed.
3. Any postponed fixtures will need to be played on a catch up weekend, there will be around 6-8 catch up weekends throughout the season.
4. Each fixture result must be entered into the app and also in the correct WhatsApp Group that you are in, either JSL Prem/Champs.
5. If you have tried to make contact with your opponent and getting no response, please screenshot the message and send to the chairman and a decision will be made for this fixture.
6. Every match lag for break, break alternately after.
8. Cup Evenings will be Mondays and Tuesdays, everyone is entered into 99 Cup and Mixed Doubles automatically.
9. If you are in the Premiership you will be entered into the Premiership Cup automatically, same rule applies for Championship Cup.
10. Cup fixtures will be released 1 week before the start date of each cup. If you don't want to play in this Cup please let the chairman know at least 72 hours before.
Prize Breakdown
Cups 1st £200 2nd £100
1st £50 voucher 2nd £25 voucher
1st £350 2nd £250 3rd £200 4th £150 5th £120 6th £100 7th £90 8th £80 9 £70 10th £60
1st £200 2nd £150 3rd £125 4th £100 5th £90 6th £80 7th £75 8th £70 9 £65 10th £60