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Leamington & District Fair Play Thurs Pool League

Licenced until 28th February 2022     

A new season will start on Thursday September 9th. It will be FREE for any teams that were in the Winter 2019/2020 season. New teams can join for the same registration fee which was 50. This includes all player registrations as well as a cup competition. Let me know please if there are any new teams that I dont already know about. The fixtures will be published towards the end of August. Im anticipating 3 divisions of 10 teams.
The postponed winter 2019/2020 season will be completed over the next 4 weeks starting Thursday August 12th. Im in the process of updating the app with the remaining fixture list. Im sure most teams will want to complete the season, but if any teams do not, please let me know. There will be no repercussions if any team does not want to complete their fixtures. We have also relaxed the rules for the final 4 games in that it will be 2 sets of 5 games, meaning you only need a minimum of 5 players to complete all 10 games as all 5 players can play twice. This is to help those teams struggling with player numbers which has been a concern raised by many. We may keep this rule amendment going forward, depending on feedback. There will be a reduced prize fund for league winners and runners up so that we can carry funds over to the new season for existing teams to join for free to help those struggling with finances.
Any questions or concerns, please let me know and if you cant make any of the fixtures for whatever reason, let me and the opposition captain know well in advance. Please dont just not turn up for the game. Its rude and likely the pub will have prepared food. Games can always be rearranged.
Many thanks to all for your patience.