WARWICK DISTRICT SUNDAY POOL LEAGUE - CONSTITUTION ..... Matches will commence at 7.30pm prompt, and be played to Blackball rules. Matches will be made up of 3 sets, 1 set of 5 singles, 1 set of 2 scotch doubles and a final set of 5 singles. If a team is not available at the stated start time, the other team may claim the first frame at 7.40pm, the second frame at 7.50pm, and the match at 8pm. The 10 minute frame rule will also apply to cup competitions. ..... Each team must have a representative who is able to login to the league app in order to post players and results for each match. Failure to do so may result in the loss of frames and averages, at the leagues discretion. ..... A lag must be performed for all frames played to determine the breaking player for that match. The home team will nominate their player and referee for the first frame, and then alternate with the away team for all remaining matches, the referees decision is final during the match. ..... Any team not turning up for a fixture without prior arrangement will be deducted 2 points for the current season and the next season. The attending team will be awarded the match 7-0 and should supply the league with 7 names for average purposes. Up to 2 players can be named twice. If a team fails to attend 3 fixtures per season, including cup matches, then they will be removed from the league on the 3rd occasion, if they have completed any half of the season, those results and averages will stand, if not all results and averages become void. ..... Teams wishing to postpone a fixture must notify the league, at least 48 hours prior to the fixture. It is up to the cancelling team to then provide three new dates to their opponents for the match to be replayed. If the match is not played before the final weekends league matches, then the original cancelling team will lose the match 7-0, but there will be no point deductions. ..... Once the league or group stage starts points will be awarded per matches won (2 pts) or drawn (1 pt). The top 3 teams in the league will, at the end of the season, play in a championship play-off for the title, 2nd and 3rd will play in a semi final at the 2nd placed teams venue, and the winner of that match will then play the 1st placed team on finals day for the league championship. Cup semi-final matches will always be played at a neutral venue, unless both teams are from the same venue. All finals day fixtures will be held on a date fixed by the league. ..... Teams can sign new players at any point during the season by adding them as a new player on the app, however if a player has already played for a different team, then they can only transfer after the final match of that month. Landlords/ladys can play for any of their sides at any point, as and where they are required. ..... All frames, except doubles, that a player plays on the night will count towards their averages, this will include the group stages. Players can play once in each set, and once in the doubles (which do not count towards the averages). Averages will be awarded based on %, and then wins, if these are tied. The top player from each team will qualify to play in the league’s free Cup Of Averages competition on finals day. ..... Players must play in at least 50% of league matches to qualify for cup finals, play offs and averages. ..... Any complaints must be received by the league within 48 hours of the match being played, ie by the Tuesday at 7.30pm. The accused team/player(s) will then have 7 days to reply with their version of events. Once a decision is made both sides will have 7 days to appeal the decision made, the committee may call in unbiased captains from other teams to assist their decision. Appeals will only be heard with new evidence. ..... All annual league trophies must be returned in an acceptable condition, if not then the venue or individual will be responsible for repair or replacement, if they fail to adhere they will be banned from competition until such time that this is corrected. ..... SINGLES LEAGUE ..... Players will be placed into divisions based on their previous league ranking points, or if they haven’t played before, based on their overall WDSPL average percentage. The only exception to this will be the top player and bottom player from the previous seasons divisions, who will be promoted and relegated accordingly. The league has the right to promote and relegate other players accordingly, in order to create a fair balance. Players registrations will only be guaranteed if payment is made by the set registration date, current league players will take priority, if not paid, new players in reserve places will be offered places on a first come first served basis. ..... Players will play every player in their division home and away on a fortnightly basis, with a set start date, best of 9 frames. It will be the home players responsibility to provide their opponent with 3 dates to play the match, if no agreement can be reached then the match must be played on the final Sunday of the fortnight at 6pm, before the next stage matches the following day. Points will be awarded for every frame won, with an additional bonus point for a home win, and 2 additional bonus points for an away win. Players will also receive bonus points towards ranking for making the knockout stages, 3 points for quarter-finals, 5 points for semi-finals, 7 points for reaching the final, and 9 points for winning the overall competition. No ranking points will be awarded for games won by default, or games which are made void. ..... Any matches that are not played will result in a 5-nil loss and a 5 point deduction for the failing player. If matches are played late for any reason, both players will receive the 5 point penalty. However if both players are at fault for no match taking place by the seasons end, it will be deemed void. Players will be removed if they fail to play 3 matches, if they have completed any half of a season, results will stand, if not matches will be awarded 5 nil to all players. If 2 or more players are removed then their match(es) will become void. ..... The format for the knockout stages will begin with a seeded draw for the quarter-finals, then an open draw for the semi-finals. All knockout matches will be played to best of 9 frames. The league will set the qualifying numbers from each division before the start of each season, but the higher the level, the more players likely to qualify.