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30-09-202120:00Corner Pocket A8 - 6Corner Pocket B
30-09-202120:00Top O the Toon13 - 1Roadhouse
30-09-202120:00Ship Inn6 - 8Coach
30-09-202120:00Crescent B6 - 8Mayfield
30-09-202120:00Corner Pocket C3 - 11Corner Pocket D
30-09-202120:00Corner Pocket R11 - 3Corner Pocket X
30-09-202120:00Crescent A8 - 6Crescent C
07-10-202120:00Crescent C7 - 7Corner Pocket A
07-10-202120:00Ship Inn5 - 9Crescent B
07-10-202120:00Mayfield7 - 7Roadhouse
07-10-202120:00Miners4 - 10Top O the Toon
07-10-202120:00Corner Pocket D7 - 7Corner Pocket R
07-10-202120:00Corner Pocket B8 - 6Corner Pocket C
07-10-202120:00Corner Pocket X7 - 7Crescent A
14-10-202120:00Top O the Toon9 - 5Coach
14-10-202120:00Roadhouse8 - 6Ship Inn
14-10-202120:00Crescent A6 - 8Corner Pocket B
14-10-202120:00Crescent B8 - 6Miners
14-10-202120:00Corner Pocket A5 - 9Corner Pocket D
14-10-202120:00Corner Pocket R11 - 3Crescent C
14-10-202120:00Corner Pocket C9 - 5Corner Pocket X
21-10-202120:00Coach9 - 5Crescent B
21-10-202120:00Miners9 - 5Roadhouse
21-10-202120:00Mayfield6 - 8Top O the Toon
21-10-202120:00Corner Pocket D8 - 6Crescent A
21-10-202120:00Corner Pocket X3 - 11Corner Pocket A
21-10-202120:00Corner Pocket B4 - 10Corner Pocket R
21-10-202120:00Crescent C8 - 6Corner Pocket C
04-11-202120:00Corner Pocket R9 - 5Corner Pocket C
04-11-202120:00Roadhouse4 - 10Coach
04-11-202120:00Top O the Toon12 - 2Ship Inn
04-11-202120:00Miners5 - 9Mayfield
04-11-202120:00Corner Pocket D11 - 3Corner Pocket X
04-11-202120:00Crescent A8 - 6Corner Pocket A
04-11-202120:00Corner Pocket B7 - 7Crescent C
18-11-202120:00Mayfield8 - 6Ship Inn
18-11-202120:00Coach8 - 6Miners
18-11-202120:00Crescent B9 - 5Roadhouse
18-11-202120:00Corner Pocket A8 - 6Corner Pocket R
18-11-202120:00Corner Pocket X6 - 8Corner Pocket B
18-11-202120:00Corner Pocket C6 - 8Crescent A
18-11-202120:00Crescent C9 - 5Corner Pocket D
25-11-202120:00Top O the Toon10 - 4Crescent B
25-11-202120:00Ship Inn4 - 10Miners
25-11-202120:00Corner Pocket D7 - 7Corner Pocket B
25-11-202120:00Mayfield3 - 11Coach
25-11-202120:00Corner Pocket X5 - 9Crescent C
25-11-202120:00Crescent A5 - 9Corner Pocket R
25-11-202120:00Corner Pocket A9 - 5Corner Pocket C
02-12-202120:00Roadhouse3 - 11Top O the Toon
02-12-202120:00Coach9 - 5Ship Inn
02-12-202120:00Mayfield9 - 5Crescent B
02-12-202120:00Corner Pocket X3 - 11Corner Pocket R
02-12-202120:00Crescent C9 - 5Crescent A
02-12-202120:00Corner Pocket D10 - 4Corner Pocket C
02-12-202120:00Corner Pocket B7 - 7Corner Pocket A
27-01-202220:00Corner Pocket C5 - 9Corner Pocket B
27-01-202220:00Crescent B13 - 1Ship Inn
27-01-202220:00Crescent A9 - 5Corner Pocket X
27-01-202220:00Corner Pocket A4 - 10Crescent C
27-01-202220:00Corner Pocket R11 - 3Corner Pocket D
27-01-202220:00Roadhouse2 - 8Mayfield
27-01-202220:00Top O the Toon10 - 4Miners
03-02-202220:00Crescent C4 - 10Corner Pocket R
03-02-202220:00Corner Pocket B9 - 5Crescent A
03-02-202220:00Corner Pocket D5 - 9Corner Pocket A
03-02-202220:00Corner Pocket X8 - 6Corner Pocket C
03-02-202220:00Ship Inn10 - 4Roadhouse
03-02-202220:00Miners6 - 8Crescent B
03-02-202220:00Coach3 - 11Top O the Toon
17-02-202220:00Crescent A5 - 9Corner Pocket D
17-02-202220:00Crescent B4 - 10Coach
17-02-202220:00Top O the Toon8 - 6Mayfield
17-02-202220:00Corner Pocket C4 - 10Crescent C
17-02-202220:00Corner Pocket R12 - 2Corner Pocket B
17-02-202220:00Corner Pocket A6 - 8Corner Pocket X
17-02-202220:00Roadhouse8 - 6Miners
24-02-202220:00Corner Pocket A10 - 4Crescent A
24-02-202220:00Crescent C8 - 6Corner Pocket B
24-02-202220:00Corner Pocket C3 - 11Corner Pocket R
24-02-202220:00Corner Pocket X9 - 5Corner Pocket D
24-02-202220:00Mayfield8 - 6Miners
24-02-202220:00Ship Inn4 - 10Top O the Toon
24-02-202220:00Coach11 - 3Roadhouse
10-03-202220:00Miners6 - 8Coach
10-03-202220:00Roadhouse8 - 6Crescent B
10-03-202220:00Ship Inn4 - 10Mayfield
10-03-202220:00Crescent A4 - 10Corner Pocket C
10-03-202220:00Corner Pocket R9 - 5Corner Pocket A
10-03-202220:00Corner Pocket D8 - 6Crescent C
10-03-202220:00Corner Pocket B8 - 6Corner Pocket X
24-03-202220:00Corner Pocket R11 - 3Crescent A
24-03-202220:00Corner Pocket C5 - 9Corner Pocket A
24-03-202220:00Crescent B5 - 9Top O the Toon
24-03-202220:00Coach6 - 8Mayfield
24-03-202220:00Miners9 - 5Ship Inn
24-03-202220:00Crescent C9 - 5Corner Pocket X
07-04-202220:00Corner Pocket C6 - 8Corner Pocket D
07-04-202220:00Corner Pocket A8 - 6Corner Pocket B
07-04-202220:00Top O the Toon11 - 3Roadhouse
07-04-202220:00Corner Pocket R10 - 4Corner Pocket X
07-04-202220:00Crescent A9 - 5Crescent C
07-04-202220:00Crescent B6 - 8Mayfield
07-04-202220:00Ship Inn3 - 11Coach
21-04-202220:00Corner Pocket D3 - 11Corner Pocket R
21-04-202220:00Miners9 - 5Top O the Toon
21-04-202220:00Mayfield11 - 3Roadhouse
21-04-202220:00Crescent C14 - 0Corner Pocket A
21-04-202220:00Corner Pocket B11 - 3Corner Pocket C
21-04-202220:00Corner Pocket X7 - 7Crescent A
21-04-202220:00Ship Inn6 - 8Crescent B
05-05-202220:00Crescent B4 - 10Miners
05-05-202220:00Roadhouse5 - 9Ship Inn
05-05-202220:00Top O the Toon11 - 3Coach
05-05-202220:00Corner Pocket A6 - 8Corner Pocket D
05-05-202220:00Crescent A6 - 8Corner Pocket B
05-05-202220:00Corner Pocket C6 - 8Corner Pocket X
05-05-202220:00Corner Pocket R9 - 5Crescent C
12-05-202220:00Mayfield7 - 7Top O the Toon
12-05-202220:00Miners6 - 8Roadhouse
12-05-202220:00Coach9 - 5Crescent B
12-05-202220:00Corner Pocket D8 - 6Crescent A
12-05-202220:00Crescent C8 - 6Corner Pocket C
12-05-202220:00Corner Pocket B8 - 6Corner Pocket R
12-05-202220:00Corner Pocket X5 - 9Corner Pocket A
26-05-202220:00Roadhouse6 - 8Coach