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Stoke Pool League

Licenced until 1st August 2024     
Please submit all support questions via Email so that I can respond in good time.
Messages sent to my phone on Messenger, WhatsApp or Text can get accidently lost.

Plaza Threes
4 Sessions of 3 frames - All matches must be played out
Reserves - Each team can have 3 reserves / Floaters as I call them. If one of the original first session players is replaced ---
They can come back into the match BUT must go in their ORIGINAL position (1,2, or 3) It maybe that the reserve plays the same person - Sorry-
Match start time is still 8.15pm
All other league rules apply - Lag each frame etc..
The top 2 in each group will qualify for the finals of each section.
Should teams be level on points it will go on frames won followed by head-to-head .