League Fixtures






01-12-202120:00Conway CrusadersAvon ShankersAlcester Inn
01-12-202120:00Avenue ClubBritish Pool DogsAvenue SSC
01-12-202120:00Avon EAvon DAvon Sports Bar 1
01-12-202120:00Avon CThe CrownAvon Sports Bar 2
01-12-202120:00Avon AAvon Pot BlacksAvon Sports Bar 5
01-12-202120:00Avon OutcastsPaddock AAvon Sports Bar 7
01-12-202120:00Binton TailsThe SquirrelBinton Club
01-12-202120:00Clifford QsWilmcote WanderersClifford Club
01-12-202120:00The BearChamber PotsThe Bear
01-12-202120:00College Arms AAvon BThe College Arms
01-12-202120:00Paddock LadiesCollege 353'sThe Paddock
01-12-202120:00Wellesbourne Con ClubThe Yard Of AleWellesbourne Con Club
08-12-202120:00Avon BWellesbourne Con ClubAvon Sports Bar 1
08-12-202120:00Avon Pot BlacksClifford QsAvon Sports Bar 2
08-12-202120:00Avon ShankersBinton TailsAvon Sports Bar 5
08-12-202120:00Avon DAvon CAvon Sports Bar 7
08-12-202120:00Chamber PotsConway CrusadersClifford Club
08-12-202120:00College 353'sThe BearThe College Arms
08-12-202120:00The CrownAvon AThe Crown
08-12-202120:00British Pool DogsPaddock LadiesThe Legion
08-12-202120:00Paddock AAvenue ClubThe Paddock
08-12-202120:00The SquirrelAvon OutcastsThe Squirrel
08-12-202120:00The Yard Of AleAvon EThe Yard of Ale
08-12-202120:00Wilmcote WanderersCollege Arms AWilmcote Sports & Social Club
15-12-202120:00Avon Pot BlacksPaddock Ladies
15-12-202120:00Paddock ABritish Pool Dogs
15-12-202120:00Wellesbourne Con ClubThe Bear
15-12-202120:00The Yard Of AleAvon A
15-12-202120:00Conway CrusadersAvon Shankers
15-12-202120:00Avon OutcastsAvon C
15-12-202120:00Avenue ClubThe Squirrel
15-12-202120:00Binton TailsClifford Qs
15-12-202120:00Chamber PotsThe Crown
15-12-202120:00Wilmcote WanderersCollege 353's
15-12-202120:00Avon EAvon B
15-12-202120:00Avon DCollege Arms A
22-12-202120:00Conway CrusadersCollege 353'sAlcester Inn
22-12-202120:00Avenue ClubThe SquirrelAvenue SSC
22-12-202120:00Avon EWellesbourne Con ClubAvon Sports Bar 1
22-12-202120:00Avon CThe Yard Of AleAvon Sports Bar 2
22-12-202120:00Avon AAvon DAvon Sports Bar 5
22-12-202120:00Avon OutcastsAvon ShankersAvon Sports Bar 7
22-12-202120:00Binton TailsChamber PotsBinton Club
22-12-202120:00Clifford QsThe CrownClifford Club
22-12-202120:00The BearPaddock LadiesThe Bear
22-12-202120:00College Arms AAvon Pot BlacksThe College Arms
22-12-202120:00Paddock ABritish Pool DogsThe Paddock
22-12-202120:00Wilmcote WanderersAvon BWilmcote Sports & Social Club
05-01-202220:00Conway CrusadersPaddock LadiesAlcester Inn
05-01-202220:00Avenue ClubAvon ShankersAvenue SSC
05-01-202220:00Avon BAvon EAvon Sports Bar 1
05-01-202220:00Avon CWellesbourne Con ClubAvon Sports Bar 2
05-01-202220:00Avon AThe Yard Of AleAvon Sports Bar 5
05-01-202220:00Avon OutcastsChamber PotsAvon Sports Bar 7
05-01-202220:00Binton TailsCollege 353'sBinton Club
05-01-202220:00Clifford QsAvon DClifford Club
05-01-202220:00College Arms AThe CrownThe College Arms
05-01-202220:00British Pool DogsThe BearThe Legion
05-01-202220:00Paddock AThe SquirrelThe Paddock
05-01-202220:00Wilmcote WanderersAvon Pot BlacksWilmcote Sports & Social Club
19-01-202220:00Avon EAvon CAvon Sports Bar 1
19-01-202220:00Avon Pot BlacksAvon BAvon Sports Bar 2
19-01-202220:00Avon ShankersPaddock AAvon Sports Bar 5
19-01-202220:00Avon DCollege Arms AAvon Sports Bar 7
19-01-202220:00Chamber PotsAvenue ClubClifford Club
19-01-202220:00The BearConway CrusadersThe Bear
19-01-202220:00College 353'sAvon OutcastsThe College Arms
19-01-202220:00The CrownWilmcote WanderersThe Crown
19-01-202220:00Paddock LadiesBinton TailsThe Paddock
19-01-202220:00The SquirrelBritish Pool DogsThe Squirrel
19-01-202220:00The Yard Of AleClifford QsThe Yard of Ale
19-01-202220:00Wellesbourne Con ClubAvon AWellesbourne Con Club
26-01-202220:00Avenue ClubCollege 353'sAvenue SSC
26-01-202220:00Avon BAvon CAvon Sports Bar 1
26-01-202220:00Avon Pot BlacksThe CrownAvon Sports Bar 2
26-01-202220:00Avon AAvon EAvon Sports Bar 5
26-01-202220:00Avon OutcastsPaddock LadiesAvon Sports Bar 7
26-01-202220:00Binton TailsThe BearBinton Club
26-01-202220:00Clifford QsWellesbourne Con ClubClifford Club
26-01-202220:00College Arms AThe Yard Of AleThe College Arms
26-01-202220:00British Pool DogsConway CrusadersThe Legion
26-01-202220:00Paddock AChamber PotsThe Paddock
26-01-202220:00The SquirrelAvon ShankersThe Squirrel
26-01-202220:00Wilmcote WanderersAvon DWilmcote Sports & Social Club
09-02-202220:00Conway CrusadersBinton TailsAlcester Inn
09-02-202220:00Avon EClifford QsAvon Sports Bar 1
09-02-202220:00Avon CAvon AAvon Sports Bar 2
09-02-202220:00Avon ShankersBritish Pool DogsAvon Sports Bar 5
09-02-202220:00Avon DAvon Pot BlacksAvon Sports Bar 7
09-02-202220:00Chamber PotsThe SquirrelClifford Club
09-02-202220:00The BearAvon OutcastsThe Bear
09-02-202220:00College 353'sPaddock AThe College Arms
09-02-202220:00The CrownAvon BThe Crown
09-02-202220:00Paddock LadiesAvenue ClubThe Paddock
09-02-202220:00The Yard Of AleWilmcote WanderersThe Yard of Ale
09-02-202220:00Wellesbourne Con ClubCollege Arms AWellesbourne Con Club
16-02-202220:00Avenue ClubThe BearAvenue SSC
16-02-202220:00Avon BAvon AAvon Sports Bar 1
16-02-202220:00Avon Pot BlacksThe Yard Of AleAvon Sports Bar 2
16-02-202220:00Avon ShankersChamber PotsAvon Sports Bar 5
16-02-202220:00Avon OutcastsConway CrusadersAvon Sports Bar 7
16-02-202220:00Clifford QsAvon CClifford Club
16-02-202220:00College Arms AAvon EThe College Arms
16-02-202220:00The CrownAvon DThe Crown
16-02-202220:00British Pool DogsBinton TailsThe Legion
16-02-202220:00Paddock APaddock LadiesThe Paddock
16-02-202220:00The SquirrelCollege 353'sThe Squirrel
16-02-202220:00Wilmcote WanderersWellesbourne Con ClubWilmcote Sports & Social Club
23-02-202220:00Conway CrusadersAvenue ClubAlcester Inn
23-02-202220:00Avon EWilmcote WanderersAvon Sports Bar 1
23-02-202220:00Avon CCollege Arms AAvon Sports Bar 2
23-02-202220:00Avon AClifford QsAvon Sports Bar 5
23-02-202220:00Avon DAvon BAvon Sports Bar 7
23-02-202220:00Binton TailsAvon OutcastsBinton Club
23-02-202220:00Chamber PotsBritish Pool DogsClifford Club
23-02-202220:00The BearPaddock AThe Bear
23-02-202220:00College 353'sAvon ShankersThe College Arms
23-02-202220:00Paddock LadiesThe SquirrelThe Paddock
23-02-202220:00The Yard Of AleThe CrownThe Yard of Ale
23-02-202220:00Wellesbourne Con ClubAvon Pot BlacksWellesbourne Con Club
09-03-202220:00Avenue ClubBinton TailsAvenue SSC
09-03-202220:00Avon BClifford QsAvon Sports Bar 1
09-03-202220:00Avon Pot BlacksAvon EAvon Sports Bar 2
09-03-202220:00Avon ShankersPaddock LadiesAvon Sports Bar 5
09-03-202220:00Avon DThe Yard Of AleAvon Sports Bar 7
09-03-202220:00Chamber PotsCollege 353'sClifford Club
09-03-202220:00College Arms AAvon AThe College Arms
09-03-202220:00The CrownWellesbourne Con ClubThe Crown
09-03-202220:00British Pool DogsAvon OutcastsThe Legion
09-03-202220:00Paddock AConway CrusadersThe Paddock
09-03-202220:00The SquirrelThe BearThe Squirrel
09-03-202220:00Wilmcote WanderersAvon CWilmcote Sports & Social Club
16-03-202220:00Conway CrusadersThe SquirrelAlcester Inn
16-03-202220:00Avon EThe CrownAvon Sports Bar 1
16-03-202220:00Avon CAvon Pot BlacksAvon Sports Bar 2
16-03-202220:00Avon AWilmcote WanderersAvon Sports Bar 5
16-03-202220:00Avon OutcastsAvenue ClubAvon Sports Bar 7
16-03-202220:00Binton TailsPaddock ABinton Club
16-03-202220:00Clifford QsCollege Arms AClifford Club
16-03-202220:00The BearAvon ShankersThe Bear
16-03-202220:00College 353'sBritish Pool DogsThe College Arms
16-03-202220:00Paddock LadiesChamber PotsThe Paddock
16-03-202220:00The Yard Of AleAvon BThe Yard of Ale
16-03-202220:00Wellesbourne Con ClubAvon DWellesbourne Con Club
23-03-202220:00Avon BCollege Arms AAvon Sports Bar 1
23-03-202220:00Avon Pot BlacksAvon AAvon Sports Bar 2
23-03-202220:00Avon ShankersConway CrusadersAvon Sports Bar 5
23-03-202220:00Avon DAvon EAvon Sports Bar 7
23-03-202220:00Chamber PotsThe BearClifford Club
23-03-202220:00College 353'sPaddock LadiesThe College Arms
23-03-202220:00The CrownAvon CThe Crown
23-03-202220:00British Pool DogsAvenue ClubThe Legion
23-03-202220:00Paddock AAvon OutcastsThe Paddock
23-03-202220:00The SquirrelBinton TailsThe Squirrel
23-03-202220:00The Yard Of AleWellesbourne Con ClubThe Yard of Ale
23-03-202220:00Wilmcote WanderersClifford QsWilmcote Sports & Social Club
06-04-202220:00Conway CrusadersChamber PotsAlcester Inn
06-04-202220:00Avenue ClubPaddock AAvenue SSC
06-04-202220:00Avon EThe Yard Of AleAvon Sports Bar 1
06-04-202220:00Avon CAvon DAvon Sports Bar 2
06-04-202220:00Avon AThe CrownAvon Sports Bar 5
06-04-202220:00Avon OutcastsThe SquirrelAvon Sports Bar 7
06-04-202220:00Binton TailsAvon ShankersBinton Club
06-04-202220:00Clifford QsAvon Pot BlacksClifford Club
06-04-202220:00The BearCollege 353'sThe Bear
06-04-202220:00College Arms AWilmcote WanderersThe College Arms
06-04-202220:00Paddock LadiesBritish Pool DogsThe Paddock
06-04-202220:00Wellesbourne Con ClubAvon BWellesbourne Con Club
13-04-202220:00Avon BWilmcote WanderersAvon Sports Bar 1
13-04-202220:00Avon Pot BlacksCollege Arms AAvon Sports Bar 2
13-04-202220:00Avon ShankersAvon OutcastsAvon Sports Bar 5
13-04-202220:00Avon DAvon AAvon Sports Bar 7
13-04-202220:00Chamber PotsBinton TailsClifford Club
13-04-202220:00College 353'sConway CrusadersThe College Arms
13-04-202220:00The CrownClifford QsThe Crown
13-04-202220:00British Pool DogsPaddock AThe Legion
13-04-202220:00Paddock LadiesThe BearThe Paddock
13-04-202220:00The SquirrelAvenue ClubThe Squirrel
13-04-202220:00The Yard Of AleAvon CThe Yard of Ale
13-04-202220:00Wellesbourne Con ClubAvon EWellesbourne Con Club