League Results






15-09-202120:00Avon E7 - 5Avon B
15-09-202120:00Chamber Pots6 - 6Avon Outcasts
15-09-202120:00College 353's11 - 1Binton Tails
15-09-202120:00Avon Shankers10 - 2Avenue Club
15-09-202120:00Paddock Ladies6 - 6Conway Crusaders
15-09-202120:00The Squirrel5 - 7Paddock A
15-09-202120:00The Bear7 - 5British Pool Dogs
15-09-202120:00Avon D7 - 5Clifford Qs
15-09-202120:00The Yard Of Ale5 - 7Avon A
15-09-202120:00The Crown3 - 9College Arms A
15-09-202120:00Wellesbourne Con Club4 - 8Avon C
15-09-202120:00Avon Pot Blacks4 - 8Wilmcote Wanderers
22-09-202120:00Conway Crusaders4 - 8The Bear
22-09-202120:00Paddock A4 - 8Avon Shankers
22-09-202120:00Binton Tails6 - 6Paddock Ladies
22-09-202120:00Avenue Club3 - 9Chamber Pots
22-09-202120:00Avon Outcasts5 - 7College 353's
22-09-202120:00British Pool Dogs8 - 4The Squirrel
22-09-202120:00Clifford Qs7 - 5The Yard Of Ale
22-09-202120:00Avon B5 - 7Avon Pot Blacks
22-09-202120:00Avon C5 - 7Avon E
22-09-202120:00Wilmcote Wanderers7 - 5The Crown
22-09-202120:00Avon A5 - 7Wellesbourne Con Club
22-09-202120:00College Arms A9 - 3Avon D
29-09-202120:00College 353's10 - 2Avenue Club
29-09-202120:00Paddock Ladies8 - 4Avon Outcasts
29-09-202120:00Chamber Pots5 - 7Paddock A
29-09-202120:00The Bear9 - 3Binton Tails
29-09-202120:00Conway Crusaders4 - 8British Pool Dogs
29-09-202120:00The Yard Of Ale3 - 9College Arms A
29-09-202120:00Wellesbourne Con Club5 - 7Clifford Qs
29-09-202120:00Avon D7 - 5Wilmcote Wanderers
29-09-202120:00Avon E9 - 3Avon A
29-09-202120:00The Crown7 - 5Avon Pot Blacks
29-09-202120:00Avon C9 - 3Avon B
06-10-202120:00Avon A0 - 7Avon Shankers
06-10-202120:00Binton Tails1 - 11Wilmcote Wanderers
06-10-202120:00Avon C3 - 9Avon D
06-10-202120:00Wellesbourne Con Club6 - 6British Pool Dogs
06-10-202120:00Avon Pot Blacks4 - 8College Arms A
06-10-202120:00The Yard Of Ale7 - 3Clifford Qs
06-10-202120:00Avenue Club2 - 10Chamber Pots
06-10-202120:00College 353's8 - 4Paddock Ladies
06-10-202120:00Avon Shankers5 - 7The Squirrel
13-10-202120:00Binton Tails3 - 9Conway Crusaders
13-10-202120:00Avenue Club3 - 9Paddock Ladies
13-10-202120:00Paddock A5 - 7College 353's
13-10-202120:00Avon Outcasts6 - 6The Bear
13-10-202120:00Avon B6 - 6The Crown
13-10-202120:00Avon A5 - 7Avon C
13-10-202120:00Avon Pot Blacks5 - 7Avon D
13-10-202120:00Clifford Qs4 - 8Avon E
13-10-202120:00Wilmcote Wanderers8 - 4The Yard Of Ale
13-10-202120:00College Arms A10 - 2Wellesbourne Con Club
13-10-202120:00British Pool Dogs9 - 3Avon Shankers
13-10-202120:00The Squirrel5 - 7Chamber Pots
20-10-202120:00Paddock Ladies8 - 4Paddock A
20-10-202120:00The Bear8 - 4Avenue Club
20-10-202120:00College 353's8 - 4The Squirrel
20-10-202120:00Avon A2 - 10Avon B
20-10-202120:00Avon D4 - 8The Crown
20-10-202120:00Avon C5 - 7Clifford Qs
20-10-202120:00Chamber Pots6 - 6Avon Shankers
20-10-202120:00The Yard Of Ale5 - 7Avon Pot Blacks
20-10-202120:00Wellesbourne Con Club4 - 8Wilmcote Wanderers
20-10-202120:00Binton Tails6 - 6British Pool Dogs
20-10-202120:00Avon E7 - 5College Arms A
20-10-202120:00Conway Crusaders11 - 1Avon Outcasts
27-10-202120:00Paddock A5 - 7The Bear
27-10-202120:00The Squirrel5 - 7Paddock Ladies
27-10-202120:00Avenue Club4 - 8Conway Crusaders
27-10-202120:00Avon B6 - 6Avon D
27-10-202120:00Clifford Qs8 - 0Avon A
27-10-202120:00The Crown12 - 0The Yard Of Ale
27-10-202120:00College Arms A7 - 5Avon C
27-10-202120:00Avon Pot Blacks9 - 3Wellesbourne Con Club
27-10-202120:00Wilmcote Wanderers3 - 9Avon E
27-10-202120:00British Pool Dogs7 - 5Chamber Pots
27-10-202120:00Avon Outcasts7 - 5Binton Tails
27-10-202120:00Avon Shankers6 - 6College 353's
03-11-202120:00Wellesbourne Con Club4 - 8The Crown
03-11-202120:00Avon Outcasts4 - 8Wilmcote Wanderers
03-11-202120:00Avon E10 - 2Paddock A
03-11-202120:00The Squirrel3 - 9College Arms A
03-11-202120:00Avon B7 - 5Conway Crusaders
03-11-202120:00Chamber Pots6 - 6The Bear
03-11-202120:00Avon Shankers3 - 9Avon D
03-11-202120:00College 353's7 - 5The Yard Of Ale
10-11-202120:00Avon A2 - 10College Arms A
10-11-202120:00Clifford Qs4 - 8Avon B
10-11-202120:00The Yard Of Ale7 - 5Avon D
10-11-202120:00Avon C5 - 7Wilmcote Wanderers
10-11-202120:00College 353's8 - 4Chamber Pots
10-11-202120:00Avon E5 - 7Avon Pot Blacks
10-11-202120:00Avon Outcasts7 - 5British Pool Dogs
10-11-202120:00Binton Tails6 - 6Avenue Club
10-11-202120:00Paddock Ladies7 - 5Avon Shankers
10-11-202120:00Conway Crusaders9 - 3Paddock A
10-11-202120:00The Bear4 - 8The Squirrel
10-11-202120:00Wellesbourne Con Club8 - 4The Crown
17-11-202120:00Avon Pot Blacks6 - 6Avon C
17-11-202120:00Avon B7 - 5The Yard Of Ale
17-11-202120:00College Arms A8 - 4Clifford Qs
17-11-202120:00Avon D10 - 2Wellesbourne Con Club
17-11-202120:00Wilmcote Wanderers6 - 6Avon A
17-11-202120:00The Crown1 - 11Avon E
17-11-202120:00British Pool Dogs8 - 4College 353's
17-11-202120:00Avenue Club5 - 7Avon Outcasts
17-11-202120:00Chamber Pots8 - 4Paddock Ladies
17-11-202120:00Paddock A8 - 4Binton Tails
17-11-202120:00Avon Shankers4 - 8The Bear
17-11-202120:00The Squirrel6 - 6Conway Crusaders
24-11-202120:00Conway Crusaders7 - 6The Squirrel
24-11-202120:00Wellesbourne Con Club10 - 7College Arms A
24-11-202120:00Avon Pot Blacks7 - 9Wilmcote Wanderers
24-11-202120:00Avon A2 - 14Avon C
24-11-202120:00British Pool Dogs9 - 3Avon Outcasts
24-11-202120:00The Bear8 - 7Avenue Club
24-11-202120:00Avon Shankers5 - 8Paddock Ladies
24-11-202120:00Clifford Qs10 - 6The Yard Of Ale
01-12-202120:00Clifford Qs5 - 7Wilmcote Wanderers
01-12-202120:00Wellesbourne Con Club9 - 3The Yard Of Ale
01-12-202120:00College Arms A7 - 5Avon B
01-12-202120:00Avon C10 - 2The Crown
01-12-202120:00Avenue Club3 - 9British Pool Dogs
01-12-202120:00Paddock Ladies7 - 5College 353's
01-12-202120:00Avon Outcasts5 - 7Paddock A
01-12-202120:00The Bear8 - 4Chamber Pots
01-12-202120:00Binton Tails4 - 8The Squirrel
01-12-202120:00Conway Crusaders6 - 6Avon Shankers
01-12-202120:00Avon E6 - 6Avon D
01-12-202120:00Avon A5 - 7Avon Pot Blacks
08-12-202120:00The Yard Of Ale3 - 9Avon E
08-12-202120:00College 353's5 - 7The Bear
08-12-202120:00Chamber Pots6 - 6Conway Crusaders
08-12-202120:00The Squirrel11 - 1Avon Outcasts
08-12-202120:00Paddock A9 - 3Avenue Club
08-12-202120:00Avon Shankers9 - 3Binton Tails
08-12-202120:00British Pool Dogs9 - 3Paddock Ladies
08-12-202120:00The Crown9 - 3Avon A
08-12-202120:00Avon D7 - 5Avon C
08-12-202120:00Avon B9 - 3Wellesbourne Con Club
08-12-202120:00Avon Pot Blacks8 - 4Clifford Qs
08-12-202120:00Wilmcote Wanderers4 - 8College Arms A
15-12-202120:00Wilmcote Wanderers9 - 2College 353's
15-12-202120:00The Yard Of Ale6 - 6Avon A
15-12-202120:00Paddock A6 - 6British Pool Dogs
15-12-202120:00Avon Pot Blacks7 - 5Paddock Ladies
15-12-202120:00Avon E6 - 6Avon B
15-12-202120:00Wellesbourne Con Club8 - 4The Bear
15-12-202120:00Chamber Pots4 - 8The Crown
15-12-202120:00Conway Crusaders7 - 5Avon Shankers
15-12-202120:00Avon Outcasts5 - 7Avon C
15-12-202120:00Binton Tails5 - 7Clifford Qs
15-12-202120:00Avenue Club5 - 7The Squirrel
22-12-202120:00Avon E9 - 3Wellesbourne Con Club
22-12-202120:00Wilmcote Wanderers6 - 6Avon B
22-12-202120:00Avon C5 - 7The Yard Of Ale
22-12-202120:00Clifford Qs7 - 5The Crown
22-12-202120:00Avon A6 - 6Avon D
22-12-202120:00Paddock A6 - 6British Pool Dogs
22-12-202120:00The Bear6 - 6Paddock Ladies
22-12-202120:00Conway Crusaders6 - 6College 353's
22-12-202120:00Avon Outcasts4 - 8Avon Shankers
22-12-202120:00Avenue Club2 - 10The Squirrel
05-01-202220:00Conway Crusaders8 - 4Paddock Ladies
05-01-202220:00College Arms A6 - 6The Crown
05-01-202220:00Avon A5 - 7The Yard Of Ale
05-01-202220:00Clifford Qs6 - 6Avon D
05-01-202220:00Paddock A5 - 7The Squirrel
05-01-202220:00Binton Tails3 - 9College 353's
05-01-202220:00Avon Outcasts5 - 7Chamber Pots
05-01-202220:00Avon B5 - 7Avon E
05-01-202220:00Avon C8 - 4Wellesbourne Con Club
05-01-202220:00Wilmcote Wanderers3 - 9Avon Pot Blacks
05-01-202220:00Avenue Club2 - 10Avon Shankers
12-01-202220:00The Bear2 - 7Conway Crusaders
12-01-202220:00British Pool Dogs10 - 3Paddock Ladies
12-01-202220:00Paddock A7 - 7College 353's
12-01-202220:00Wellesbourne Con Club9 - 4The Crown
12-01-202220:00Avon E9 - 9Avon B
12-01-202220:00Wilmcote Wanderers7 - 9Avon D
12-01-202220:00Avon C10 - 5Clifford Qs
12-01-202220:00College Arms A7 - 5Avon Pot Blacks
12-01-202220:00Chamber Pots5 - 9Binton Tails