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Away Team


17-11-202120:10The TowerFirst and LastTower Inn
24-11-202120:10Chix with StixThe TowerStokers Halt
05-01-202220:10The Lone Rangers The PubArds Rangers Club
05-01-202220:10First and LastDerailersFirst and Last
05-01-202220:10Chix with StixThe Tudor Stokers Halt
05-01-202220:10RailwayThe Ards Rangers The Railway
05-01-202220:10The TowerHardfordTower Inn
12-01-202220:10The Ards Rangers First and LastArds Rangers Club
12-01-202220:10The PubChix with StixThe Pub
12-01-202220:10DerailersThe Lone Rangers The Railway
12-01-202220:10HardfordRailwayThe Railway
12-01-202220:10The Tudor The TowerThe Tudor
19-01-202220:10The Lone Rangers HardfordArds Rangers Club
19-01-202220:10First and LastThe Tudor First and Last
19-01-202220:10Chix with StixThe Ards Rangers Stokers Halt
19-01-202220:10RailwayThe PubThe Railway
19-01-202220:10The TowerDerailersTower Inn
26-01-202220:10The Ards Rangers The TowerArds Rangers Club
26-01-202220:10The PubFirst and LastThe Pub
26-01-202220:10RailwayThe Lone Rangers The Railway
26-01-202220:10DerailersChix with StixThe Railway
26-01-202220:10The Tudor HardfordThe Tudor
02-02-202220:10The Lone Rangers The Ards Rangers Ards Rangers Club
02-02-202220:10First and LastThe TowerFirst and Last
02-02-202220:10The PubThe Tudor The Pub
02-02-202220:10DerailersRailwayThe Railway
02-02-202220:10HardfordChix with StixThe Railway
09-02-202220:10The Ards Rangers DerailersArds Rangers Club
09-02-202220:10The PubHardfordThe Pub
09-02-202220:10RailwayFirst and LastThe Railway
09-02-202220:10The Tudor The Lone Rangers The Tudor
09-02-202220:10The TowerChix with StixTower Inn
16-02-202220:10The Ards Rangers The Tudor Ards Rangers Club
16-02-202220:10First and LastHardfordFirst and Last
16-02-202220:10Chix with StixThe Lone Rangers Stokers Halt
16-02-202220:10The PubDerailersThe Pub
16-02-202220:10RailwayThe TowerThe Railway
23-02-202220:10The Lone Rangers The TowerArds Rangers Club
23-02-202220:10First and LastChix with StixFirst and Last
23-02-202220:10The PubThe Ards Rangers The Pub
23-02-202220:10HardfordDerailersThe Railway
23-02-202220:10The Tudor RailwayThe Tudor
02-03-202220:10The Lone Rangers First and LastArds Rangers Club
02-03-202220:10Chix with StixRailwayStokers Halt
02-03-202220:10HardfordThe Ards Rangers The Railway
02-03-202220:10The Tudor DerailersThe Tudor
02-03-202220:10The TowerThe PubTower Inn