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20-12-202320:00New Inn AAmherst Road BThe New Inn
20-03-202420:00Osullivans BThe Rowing ClubOsullivans Table 2
24-04-202420:00Osullivans BAmherst Road AOsullivans Table 2
24-04-202420:00New Inn B The Harp The New Inn
24-04-202420:00Amherst Road BNew Inn AAmherst Road
24-04-202420:00Town Hall AOsullivans OC'sTown Hall Club
24-04-202420:00Osullivans A The Homeguard ClubOsullivans Table 1
24-04-202420:00The Rowing ClubTown Hall B The Rowing Club
01-05-202420:00Osullivans OC'sOsullivans A Osullivans Table 2
01-05-202420:00New Inn ATown Hall AThe New Inn
01-05-202420:00Amherst Road ANew Inn B Amherst Road
01-05-202420:00Town Hall B Osullivans BTown Hall Club
01-05-202420:00The Homeguard ClubThe Rowing ClubHomeguard Club
01-05-202420:00The Harp Amherst Road BThe Harp Bar
08-05-202420:00Osullivans BThe Homeguard ClubOsullivans Table 2
08-05-202420:00New Inn B Town Hall B The New Inn
08-05-202420:00Amherst Road AThe Harp Amherst Road
08-05-202420:00Town Hall AAmherst Road BTown Hall Club
08-05-202420:00Osullivans A New Inn AOsullivans Table 1
08-05-202420:00The Rowing ClubOsullivans OC'sThe Rowing Club
05-06-202420:00Osullivans OC'sOsullivans BOsullivans Table 2
05-06-202420:00New Inn AThe Rowing ClubThe New Inn
05-06-202420:00Amherst Road BOsullivans A Amherst Road
05-06-202420:00Town Hall B Amherst Road ATown Hall Club
05-06-202420:00The Homeguard ClubNew Inn B Homeguard Club
05-06-202420:00The Harp Town Hall AThe Harp Bar
12-06-202420:00Osullivans BNew Inn AOsullivans Table 2
12-06-202420:00New Inn B Osullivans OC'sThe New Inn
12-06-202420:00Amherst Road AThe Homeguard ClubAmherst Road
12-06-202420:00Town Hall B The Harp Town Hall Club
12-06-202420:00Osullivans A Town Hall AOsullivans Table 1
12-06-202420:00The Rowing ClubAmherst Road BThe Rowing Club
19-06-202420:00Osullivans OC'sAmherst Road AOsullivans Table 2
19-06-202420:00New Inn ANew Inn B The New Inn
19-06-202420:00Amherst Road BOsullivans BAmherst Road
19-06-202420:00Town Hall AThe Rowing ClubTown Hall Club
19-06-202420:00The Homeguard ClubTown Hall B Homeguard Club
19-06-202420:00The Harp Osullivans A The Harp Bar
17-07-202420:00Osullivans BTown Hall AOsullivans Table 2
17-07-202420:00New Inn B Amherst Road BThe New Inn
17-07-202420:00Amherst Road ANew Inn AAmherst Road
17-07-202420:00Town Hall B Osullivans OC'sTown Hall Club
17-07-202420:00The Homeguard ClubThe Harp Homeguard Club
17-07-202420:00The Rowing ClubOsullivans A The Rowing Club
24-07-202420:00Osullivans OC'sThe Homeguard ClubOsullivans Table 2
24-07-202420:00New Inn ATown Hall B The New Inn
24-07-202420:00Amherst Road BAmherst Road AAmherst Road
24-07-202420:00Town Hall ANew Inn B Town Hall Club
24-07-202420:00Osullivans A Osullivans BOsullivans Table 1
24-07-202420:00The Harp The Rowing ClubThe Harp Bar